Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 26th June 2012 Written Episode

RK shooting scene..A nostorious criminal who as per the reporter has successfully escaped from 6 top jails is brought into the jail and another report says the jail got record that noone has escaped the jail till date. Jail gates are opened and 2 vans are shown entering the jail with heavy pouring of rain. The criminal, Dilawar gets down the police van. He jumps out of the splashing the mud on the jailers face. He has chains around his hands, legs, and neck. Jailer says the mud will get washed away with rain, but he cant escape and splash mud on his career. Dilawar says he is challenging him. He says even rat taunts a lion in cage He asks to get him out of the chain and he will show him. Jailer says the chains were to bring him jail, he gets him out of the chains. Jailer says he will forget about escaping in 4 days. Dilawar says he does not have that much patience and is here to say hello to him and thats it. Jailer is what thats it. Dilawar takes a few steps and shouts loud. Jailer gets suspicious and asks the police to round him up which they do. The other criminal start shouting loud and throw their plates out of the fencing. Jailer asks to do firing…there is firing in air and everyone r silent. Suddenly, few blasts happen in the jail and all the police get shattered and Dilawar escapes…

RK shouts cut it. Director asks if he didnt like the shot. RK asks why the water is cold. The director says he will be in trouble if he stops the shoot. RK says there are many other heros with whom he will be destroyed, but he works even with RK’s dog he will be successful. RK shouts packup and enters his vanity van.

RK is sitting with his face covered with a cloth. His makeup asks why he got shaved as he had beard in the scene. RK says his producer will take time to reshoot and he will grow it by then. Bittuji comes with Inspector Pradhan. He starts with stopping the shoot but stops and instroduces Pradhan. Pradhan tries to shake hand, but RK asks not to spoil his evening. RK asks him to handle things himself. Bittu says its about accident. RK says last time too he has handled it.

Pradhan says its hard. RK is like hard? Pradhan says eyewitness is a girl and she is not getting convinced. RK removes the cloth from his face a bit and taunts him. RK is irked. RK says its obvious. RK gets his makeupman remove the cloth from his face. RK says Pradhan is eating too much these days and such people r not sincere. He asks Pradhan to join him in exercise. Bittu sits beside. Pradhan says RK is joking. Bittu says RK never cracks jokes. RK calls him for pushups. RK and Pradhan start pushups which Pradhan find difficult. RK asks Bittu what is the thing that RK cannot buy. Bittu says there is not anything. RK says wrong and no one can buy RK. RK suggests Pradhan to meet Mukund’s family and pay them what they want to get out of the case. Pradhan agrees. Pradhan lies flat tired of exercise. RK taunts him. Pradhan asks to quote their price. RK says to do bargain with Bittu and he only bargains for moon. RK comes out of his vanity when his fans who are waiting for him start shouting. RK gives autographs to them and leaves from there in his car. Pradhan shoos the girls off, tries to talk to RK but in vain.

Madhu is in kitchen with Padmini. Madhu tells her about Madhu’s fractures. Padmini fells bad for him and says they should not have bashed him and it all happened bcoz of them. Madhu differs and says it was bcoz of that rich guy who did the accident and she will not spare him. padmini supports her. Madhu tells her about Pradhan asking her to withdraw the case, but she has no such intentions. Padmini says Madhu is like mother and cannot stand injustice. She says fighting for truth is not easy and one feels as if they have lost until they win. Madhu says just like Padmini escaped Balraj. Madhu says if Padmini would not have dared they would not have been there. Madhu says Padmini was alone earlier but she got Padmini with her this time. Padmini says she will be always with her. padmini kisses Madhu’s forehead.

Next morning, Trishna is talking to Shamsher on phone and asks him to be careful as he got old now. Shamsher says he is not and he has to get his daughters married and play with his grand kids. Madhu comes with breakfast for both of them. Trishna says no one is there for her except RK but Madhu got someone but he got himself fractured. Madhu gets angry and shouts she is lying. Shamsher says he is in shoot and disconnects. Trishna gets naughty and starts talking about Madhu soon getting married and always lost in her own world. Madhu shouts thinking Trishna is speaking to Shamsher and says Trishna is lying. Madhu finally comes and snatches the phone and says Trishna is lying but realises Trishna was making fool of her. Madhu pulls Trishna ear. Trishna says she is early sister. Trishna says there is something in Mukund as Madhu is not noticing Trishna anymroe. Madhu asks why she is saying so, Trishna says she has changed her hair color which Madhu has neither noticed nor commented on it. Madhu comes and hugs from behind. She says Trishna is superstar and her hair color will not change that status for her. Madhu kiss Trishna…

Madhu is in hospital. Wardboy is doing shaving for Mukund. Madhu says she thought he is there for getting treatment. Wardboy says even he told why shave its just one day but Mukund rushed him into it saying people will start coming. Madhu asks who. Mukund stops the wardboy and Madhu understands and smiles. She puts the apples which Padmini gave for Mukund. She imitates Pradhan and tells Mukund about him asking to withdraw the case. Nurse comes and asks the wardboy to come with him. Wardboy gives the blade to Madhu and leaves. Madhu asks Mukund to wash the face and it will new fashion with half shave. Mukund asks not to taunt as he knows he is not handsome. Madhu says for her, he is above average. Mukund is happy.

Precap: Rk says to Bittu Mukund will take case back when he will get money Madhu is angry at Pradhan and gives bangles to give to RK and ask him to sit at him and she wont take the case back.

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