Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 27th June 2012 Written Episode

Episode begins with Shipra looking at their family pics album and getting emotional. Nuts comes there and asks her to control herself and says that Priya did this for their good and asks if they are not insulting Priya’s sacrifice by crying and being sad. Shipra says how can she control herself as she is a mom and adds that whatever the reason may be her daughter is going far away from her and by seeing the pics is trying to reduce the distance. Nuts asks how long will she take the help of the photos and asks her to accept the truth that priya is not going to be there for the next 14yrs with them and Shipra says she’s trying but her bad luck that she can’t even see her daughter once before she left from the jail as Priya took promise of not visiting her in jail from them and Nuts says that they will abide by the promise now and says Shipra can’t lose hope like this.

Ram comes to his room, removes his watch and while keeping it in the table he notices Priya’s hair clip. He picks up the clip, looks at it and remembers Priya.

Flashback Scene. Ram and Priya in their room and Priya busy packing her bags.

Ram : Arey Priya, y are u not listening to me. I will eat all tablets at once today and u will have to come back to me only.
Priya : I will be coming back anyways and i’m going just for 2 days
Ram : 2 days?? means 48 hrs yaar.. Isn’t it too much priya? What will i do for 2 days?

Priya continues to pack her things. Ram goes near her.

Ram : Do one thing na.. Pack me in this bag and take with you na. Come on yaar.
Priya : Ya.. but one problem.
Ram : What?
Priya : I can’t carry such a heavy bag na.
Ram : Very funny yaar. Priya , this is not fair. U are taking everything of urs with you except me.
Priya : So what happened? Can’t i stay with my parents for 2 days when i’m missing them?
Ram : U are very much concerned about your dad but not concerned about your to be children’s dad. If u go to ur house every now and then, then i can’t become dad of your children ever.

Priya stares at him and Ram bites his tongue as he realizes he went over the board.

Ram : Sorry.. Spoke so much..

Priya turns to pack.
Ram : Listen to me na.
Priya : What?
Ram ; I want to tell u something.
Priya : What?
Ram (touches her hair clip) : I feel jealous of your clip
Priya : Why?
Ram : Because it always is with you,. Wherever you go, clip goes with u and not me and (goes near) not only clip, (points to eyes) ur eye’s kaajal, (points to her kurthi’s buttons) and your shirts buttons too.

Priya turns back angrily and stares at him

Ram : Sorry. Again went over the board. Sorry
Priya : What ? What happened to you?
Ram : Nothing. why?
Priya : Then y are u talking so crazily. All this doesn’t suit you. Since you are a punjabi, only 2 types of talk suits you. Either those big business deals or aloo ka parantha, butter and your favourite dish chicken and all this poems are not ur cup of tea. And if u continue to behave like this, then i would go for 4 days instead of 2.
Ram : No no no.. I will not do it.. No more poems. I want to gift something.
Priya : Acha. What?
Ram : (points outside) Moon. I’m serious. From today the moon is yours from my side and wherever you go, the moon will come with you and no matter where you are, whenever i want to see you, can see you through the moon.
Priya : How sweet. But tell me one thing, This moon is not Kapoor industries private property that u can gift to anyone when he wants.
Ram : I did try to buy but couldn’t as its global and not indian . But still its yours.
Priya (Holds his hands): I’m feeling afraid. Ur health seems not right and really u are talking crazily and u are not realizing it.
Ram : Arey. i’m feeling romantic yaar. Can’t i be romantic with my wife in my bedroom?
Priya (begins to pack again) : I can’t understand what happened to u. Anyways, i’m leaving and pls don’t talk like this or else i would feel like talking to someone else and not my husband. (Turns to him) ok?
Ram (Pouts) : Not ok.
Priya : Ok. lets do one thing. I also want to give you a gift and go.
Ram : What?
Priya : U feel jealous of the clip that it always stays with me and let me do one thing (Removes clip from her hairs) , I’ll give u this to u and leave and u can keep it with u and remember me seeing it and by that time i will be back. Ok?
Ram (nods head) : Its fine.

Priya tells bye and leaves. Ram talks to the clip if it thought that he will suffer and it will go with her and asks the clip also to suffer along with him in his coat pocket.

Back from the flashback, Ram holds the clip close to his heart , looks at their pic in the room and starts remembering all his moments with Priya from their first meet , lift scene, balcony scene their proposal, engagement, marriage, Honeymoon, priya’s wishes,confession, consummation, court case and their separation. During this Ram sits on Priya’s couch , remembers her and Priya in the van remembers Ram and their life. A beautiful rewind of RaYa’s journey till now.

Haye teri shirt da main ta
Button soniye..
Baalon tere main haye
Clip ho gaya
Chand se bhi zyada sona
Mukhda tera
Haye dekhte hi dil yeh
Slip ho gaya
O mar gaye yaar deewane
O tere lover purane
O die heart fan tere hain
Tuhi kadar na jaane

Shipra comes to KM and sees worried Ram who asks Shipra if everything is fine and Shipra says she has come to ask Sorry to him for her behaviour in the police station accusing him for whatever happened to priya. Shipra continues that she was wrong and he’s also feeling the same pain as she’s going through but says that the results are not in our hand and he would have tried his best to save her. She continues that they are normal ppl who search happiness in small things and Priya’s marriage was a small dream and they were happy when she got married to a rich man but today they found out that how much the rich man truly loves their Priya and hence he is rich in hearts also and that’s y their priya too loves him the same way and proved it by going to jail.

Ram asks her to control herself and says that priya doesn’t want them to become weak and she taught them to be strong and shipra continues that she even wanted them to live with hope. Ram says everyone needs to be strong.

Priya in police van along with other convicts. 2 of them start taunting priya and comment that she looks innocent and asks priya what had she done and questions if she had murdered someone or her husband was a drunkard whom she murdered and came back. Other lady tells that she can’t murder as she looks like a lady from a good house. Priya stays quiet, the ladies asks y is she quiet and the police constable asks the ladies to shut up and asks Priya not to listen to them.

Shipra takes leave and Ram offers to drop her and shipra denies and Ram says how will she go alone as its late and shipra says that karthik is waiting out for her in their car and Ram asks y didn’t he come inside and Shipra says he didn’t want to come. Ram immediately calls him, Shipra tries to stop, but Ram calls and asks Karthik to come inside immediately. Karthik comes in and Ram asks y didn’t he come inside. Karthik asks him not to ask anything, Ram is confused and karthik says he hurts them and he himself comes to apply medicine too and Ram is shocked and confused.

Karthik asks if he was wrong and asks if he’s so upset about what’s happening and if he loved his sister so much how did he allow all this to happen to her. Shipra tries to stop karthik, karthik continues that Ram didn’t do anything for his sister when she was going through problems and says that Ram is so proud of his strength, wealth and he even used everything to put him behind bars even after Priya telling he’s innocent and asks now where has the influence and power gone and asks y isn’t he trying to bring priya out.

Ram asks if he really believes that he’s not trying anything and says he’s going through a lot of pain because of what happened to priya and Karthik says he only things high of his pain and not bothered about what their family is going through and says that he and his family take away others happiness but never realize the pain others are going through. Karthik adds that they gave everything to him but in turn he gave only sadness and pain to them and states that he loves priya but sitting idle doing nothing. Karthik continues that even though he might not have the influence and money like him but will try everything to bring his sister out as their heart and hope is big and leaves from there and Shipra too excuses leaving Ram upset.

Ram then notices Dadi listening to all this. Dadi gets upset and faints seeing this. Doctor comes to see Dadi and Ram asks if she’ll become alright and Doc says that she’s stressed and prescribes some medicines and asks him to take care that she can’t take any more tensions and leaves. Rishab asks him not to worry and tells Dadi will be fine soon and Ram asks him to sit near Dadi and leaves from there.

Ram in his room thinks what is happening and why and says first it was his mom, then priya and now dadi and thinks y does he feel that all his closed ones are leaving him one by one and episode ends.


Priya in jeep in call with Ram , Ram calls out Mr.Patil and Priya calls out Mr.kapoor but both unable to hear their voices.

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