Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 2nd July 2012 Written Episode

Gunjan tells shayl that probably she forgot her sisters loss but she will always remember her mom. Shayl consoles her. All the ladies are planning to go shopping to get a ring for charu. The engagement is going to take place tomorrow but suddenly charu and her mom enter citing they came to take mayank s ring size.

Sangeeta asks charu to go and take mayank s finger measurement for the ring. Charu enters makes mayank sit on the bed while she has a huge bunch of ring sizes and she keeps checking. Mayank is getting uncomfortable every second. Charu even tries to hold his hand and draw patterns on is . Mayank jerks his hand from her grip. He comes out to see gunjan trying to charge her phone .

Gunjan is looking at sneha s pic she is in tears. Mayank taunts her saying that she is upset she could not get a guy like him but she does not respond in her usual way making mayank think something is wrong with her. Seema comes and taunts gunjan that who will marry her etc etc while her son has no flaws.gunjan shouts and leaves but mayank is still thinking something is wrong.

Rachna tries to sleep but gets up as she has bad dreams. She wakes gunjan but instead of confessing she asks her for the laptop. Gunjan decides to get a bottle of water while rachna again logs in to chat.

Mintu is online and sends rachna the pictures. Rachna is shocked seeing the picture where she is holding mintu s hand.mintu asks her if rachna liked the pictures and tells her to meet him at the same place. Rachna does not agree so he tells that he will send her pictures to her mom and dad. Rachna in tears deletes cute angel from her friend list.

Gunjan coming back to her room with a bottle of water sees the terrace door open.
Mayank is busy smoking and gunjan ends up seeing him .gunjan remembers the time mayank got her in trouble and seema s taunts decides to get him in trouble. Charu calls mayank and tries to talk romantic she says the moon the stars are looking at them. Charu talks cheesy stuff about how she can see mayank in the moon and even tells her to see… Mayank is busy smoking and talkin.

Gunjan goes and knocks on daya s door. She tells him that she saw the terrace door open and someone was there. Shayl and seema also run to go to the terrace.
Mayank smoking he turns to see daya and the cigarette drops. Gunjan taunts that its not a chor but mayank smoking like a chor. Daya scolds him that he is the eldest and talks about responsibities asks him from when is he smoking. Mayank asks forgiveness. Daya upset and leaves. Mayank asks shayl to forgive her and tells seema he will never do it. Shayl tells him to go and sleep.

Mayank asks gunjan if she s happy now that he is in trouble. Gunjan tells him that s moot her idea of fun and she dint do for the prestige she did it for his health. She says that smoking is injurious to health. Episode ends on mayank s shocked face.

PRECAP:rachna going to meet mintu on the road she sees a picture lying on the ground where she is holding hands with mintu. Mintu is hiding and seeing rachna

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