Pavitra Rishta 5th July 2012 Written Episode

It’s late night .Manav wants Ovi to give him his car keys .Archana is also in the room but Manav is not talking to her . Ovi is scared because of what she did with Manav’s car ( she smashed the headlights because she was angry with Arjun ) .Before she could tell Manav what happened to his car and where are the car keys , Arjun comes to her house and gives the car keys .He says that Ovi forgot these keys in his garage and that Ovi had come to get the car repaired and had no idea what that Arjun was working there . He says that Ovi gave more money than what was needed , gives the 10000 ruppees back .
After giving the money Arjun leaves .
Manav tells Ovi that he cannot take any risk with her and that she should take a driver next time .Ovi gives Archana a very angry look before going in her room .

It’s raining a lot and Arrjun is working in his Garage .His boss tells him to go home and stop working as he has been working way too hard .Arjun still keeps working .While working he starts thinking about Purvi .Purvi had once said to him that he is obsessed with his work and does not leaves a task till he finishes it .Arjun told her that this is his passion and not obsession .The song ‘ dil kyon yeh mera’ plays while Arjun thinks about their special moments and looks very happy .
Ovi tells Tej u that she had herself smashed her car because she wanted to give Arjun 10000 ruppees so that Arjun can have his old life back and come back to her .She says that Arjun loves her and that is why he was trying to protect her in front of her daddy .
Teju cannot believe that Ovi still thinks like this and reasons with her that Arjun gave the money back because he does not want charity and wants to prove himself to someone , not to her but for Purvi he is living in the Chawl .Tej usays that Arjun wants to spend his life with Purvi and that is why he is doing all this ,Ovi keeps saying that Arjun only loves her .Archana is listenign to all this .She feels confused wh yArjun gave this money back .She thinks that Arjun is not someone who can work hard and doubts his capabilities to make this money on his own so why is he doing all this ?She wants to talk to her mother so that she can talk to Arjun about this .

Archana is working in the kitchen next morning .Sundri is helping her .Savita has a headache and is asking for medicines .When Savita sees Sundri helping Archana , she starts yelling at Sundri .She gets so angry that she says that she will throw Archana out but will also throw out Sundri and pushes her out of the house .Archu tries to protect Sundri but Savita throws a crying Sundri out . Manav comes home and savita tells him that she threw Sundri out and will keep another replacemen tfor her in a few days .
Sundri is going away crying .Archana goes out looking for her .Sundri cannot believe that after the loyalty she showed for 18 years , Savita just threw her out .Archana takes Sundri’s hand and takes her back to the house .Savita is furious to see Sundri and reminds Archana that only she takes decisions in this house .Archaan says that she has got Sundri back because she wants Sundri to help Sulochna and work in her house as Sulochna too is old and needs help .This makes Savita even more angry and she immediately takes Sundri back .
Sundri thanksArchana for getting her job back .Archu tells Sundri that Savita loves her a lot and she depends on her a lot and she just has this habit of screaming and yelling but she cannot do without her and all that Archaan should have done for savita , Sundri has done all this …Sundri starts crying …Manav is listening to this conversation from the other room …

Sulochna tells Purvi to take some lunch for Arjun .Purvi says that because Archana has told her to keep away from Arjun , she will not go because she will not hurt her mother for Arjun .Sulochna says that Arjun is DK’s son and they should take care of him in his difficult time just like they took care of Teju when she was with them .
It is late night and raining .Archana is going out somewhere and trying to stop some auto .Manav too is going in his car , he sees Archana and offers her a lift .While driving he tells Archana tha the is glad that Sundri did not leave Savita because Savita really needs her . Then he thinks how he had pushed Archana the other day . He tells her tha twhat happened the other day was really ugly .Archu tells him that it was not his fault .
Manav says that Ovi blames him for Arjun’s leaving home and though he wants to talk to Arjun, he cannot talk to someone who has cheated his daughter .
Archana is listening to this quietly , she feels bad tha tshe is not telling Manav that Arjun left home because of her challenge .She thinks to herself that she knows that she is being selfish but she is scared as already Manav and her are so apart ,just can’t bear the thought of Manav distancing himself from her even more and how she wishes that she never had to act that she does not loves him .
Manav too is thinking how bad he wants to share his pain with her and how he hates showing her that he does not care about her but soon he will learn to control his feelings

Precap :

Purvi brings back the tiffin in which she gave Arjun his food . There is a letter in this in which Arjun has returned his engagemnt ring .He tells Purvi in the letter to give this ring to her mother as he does not wish to give it back to Ovi and hurt her feelings .

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