Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 5th July 2012 Written Episode

Same night continues

Paddy questions Trish and Roma on their whereabouts when before they could answer Madhu intervenes and tell that they went to RK’s house as also that the car that brought them home was also his . Paddy simply walks off ‘. Roma here attempts to justify that nothing wrong happened as she was very much present with Trish during their meeting with RK . Seeing Paddy’s reluctance still , Roma questions whether she trusts her or not to which Paddy tells that she used to trust her but now she can see Roma totally blind in Trish’s dreams to not see anything wrong in neither informing Paddy about their whereabouts nor the fact that they went out to meet RK at midnight . Roma defends that whilst these sort of meetings the phone is kept in silent mode n so they were unable to commute with her .
Trish especially getting the proposal to act in RK’s film steadily supports Roma’s defence saying its her chance to realize her dreams . RK is a wonderful guy doing so much to help her . She turns to Madhu and informs that she has promised RK that Madhu will take back the case .

Madhu here tries to make Trish realize the scenario from a realistic viewpoint that where was RK’s proposal before this accident case was filed ! she tries to make Trish see RK is playing with both of them ; had this offer would have come prior the case it would have been a real deal what is happening is clearly nothing less than game ! Paddy supports Madhu stating that looks like he succeeded as well since he has created tiff between Madhu and Trish ‘

Trish gets mad at Madhu’s explanation all the more coz her shoot with RK ensues w/in 4 to 5 days and thus asks for the ultimatum ‘ whether she’ll take back the case or not ! Madhu’s stance remains undeterred ! Trish jerks off Madhu’s hand and says she never knew her small sister would come as her misfortune !

Madhu and Paddy both are shocked and Madhu esp . extremely hurt hearing this from her didu

Next Morning at hospital

Mukku dreams of Madhu bringing shaving stuffs for him ! here Roma and Trish arrives and finds the hospital bed empty ! Mukku was wandering in hospital corridor in his wheelchair where they spot him and gives him sugarcane and milk and asks of his condition . Mukku tells he’s much better ‘. Seeing Mukku happy Roma and Trish thinks this will be easy ”.. they were about to tell him to take the case back when Mukku’s mum aka Ayi arrives ‘.

Mukku introduces Trish & Roma as Madhu’s elder sis and aunt ! after exchanging pleasantries Ayi takes Mukku back in hospital room ‘ on their way an attendant informs that press is here ! Ayi pays the attendant and asks for a stretcher ‘ Ayi instructs Mukku to act as if he’s unconscious ‘ on questioning why Ayi emotionally blackmails Mukku and he complies ! Mukku lies on the stretcher and is taken to his room where the press reporters are waiting for interviewing him ‘.
The reporter tells that they want to interview Mukku but Ayi tells that how they’ll since he’s in pain whenever he wakes up ! the reporter then asks whether she can be in the interview and as per plan Ayi agrees immediately ! so outside the hospital ward the reporter asks Ayi of Mukku’s condition and the latter pulls up a full fledged drama that Mukku is in pain , his accident was brutal , the docs have said maybe she has to live her rest of the life without Mukku — basically all lies .

This entire charade is witnessed by Roma and Trish who were there in hospital itself , Paddy on television alongside Madhu and RK as well as Bittuji .

Here Paddy questions Madhu on Mukku’s condition even Madhu herself is confused since till last night while she conversed with Mukku’s sister he was fine ; in fact talks were going on regards his discharge so Ayi’s stance was completely baffling ‘.

Whereas RK too sees this whilst on treadmill ‘. The reporter tells that the Dixit family got strength to voice for justice against RK from Madhu Malik ‘. The same girl who determinately voiced to seek justice in this case . The scene halts on RK’s face reminiscing Madhu and her words that she’ll see to it that he’s punished !

Precap :
RK gets arrested

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