Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli 10th July 2012 Written Episode

Part 1

The police says your mother in law had the chance to kill Sushant and she did. You are a lawyer and you should know the law. You are also mahaan and that is why you took the blame upon yourself right? The police orders another police to take Pratibha away and Karuna says you can bring Pratibha but she will not remain in the jail. The police says do what you can and you in fact asked the minister to call to bring Abha out right? So this time try doing the same because i have all the proof against her and Kanika cries saying you can’t bring my mother and Pratibha is taken away. Kanika is crying to Karan and Abha saying why are you not doing anything and maa is being taken away. Kanika gets tensed and almost faints and everyone brings Kanika to her room while Karan is left thinking and the house phone rings. Ranchod says why aren’t you picking my call on your handphone? I am at the outhouse and i saw mummy being taken away. Why? Karan says Ranchod, i found the broken CD of 177 and maa’s cupboard key was found at Sushant’s house and the police thinks that maa had done the murder. Ranchod says are they mad and think the whole family did the murder? Wait, i will bring her out and find the real culprit. Karan says the person who is doing this is very close to us and i know what to do and Ranchod says alright. A doctor says that Kanika is weak since she has had abortion before. I will give some medicines and make sure she takes care and Abha says surely. Karan enters the room and looks at Abha and Karan asks how is she? Abha says she is fine and you don’t worry. We will bring maa out and Kanika would be fine. All would be fine. Karan says when will all be fine Abha? When all of us go to the jail? Veer bhaiya and everyone has left us and we are still seeing all this. Why? All because of this Swarn Bhavan. Maa is in jail and Kanika is here weak and we had earned many enemies. All is only because of this Swarn Bhavan. First the family in the house left the house, then Yasodra massi entered, now Sushant and who next only because of this Swarn Bhavan. I have decided that we would sell this Swarn Bhavan and all are shocked. Shelly comes in saying what are you saying Karan? How could you think of selling Swarn Bhavan? Abha says what are you saying Karan? Swarn Bhavan has many memories tied to it. Karan asks what is the use of the memories Abha? I don’t want more troubles for my family members because of this Swarn Bhavan and Thakur enters and Abha says Pitahji, is all fine? Karan says i called him as i don’t want to make such decision without asking him.

Part 2

Thakur says look here son, i know that this house has memories of heritance but for my family and their happiness, i don’t want this Swarn Bhavan and if you want to sell it, i’m with you. Shelly looks at Karuna and Karuna is shocked. Karan calls a property agent and asks to put Swarn Bhavan up for sale the next day and Abha is sad. Its night and Abha boils some milk and without realizing, someone mix some pills in the milk. Abha takes the milk and Karan is seen thinking in his room and Abha sits next to Karan and leaves the milk on the table. Abha holds Karan’s hands and says you have decided, so don’t think too much. I know that this house has so much of memories but you have decided and that too for the family. I felt weird at first but maa is not at jail which is something i didn’t wanted. We shall bring her out and live in a smaller house where at least we can be happy. All will be fine and you don’t worry. Now drink this milk and Abha says i shall sleep with Kanika tonight as she might need me, so you don’t think so much and leaves while Karan drinks the milk. Karan falls asleep after drinking the milk. Abha enters Kanika’s room and asks how are you? Kanika says how is maa? Abha says you need to take care of yourself and your child. Maa will surely be back, you trust in your brother right? The real culprit will be revealed soon and i have full trust. The doctor has asked you to have good rest and you sleep now. Someone opens Karan’s room door and the person goes nearer to Karan and takes a knife and stab and laughs seeing blood stains and its revealed to be Shelly where Shelly sees the blood and laughs like a mad person. Someone holds Shelly from the back and its Karan where Shelly gets shocked and looks back at the bed and its pillows and Shelly tries to attack Karan and Karan holds Shelly and Shelly pushes Karan and starts running while Karan manages to catch Shelly and take the knife away from her. Shelly says look, i will not leave you and everyone is shocked. Ranchod arrives and Karan says i know that someone is doing all this for Swarn Bhavan but you? That is why i pretended to sell Swarn Bhavan so that the person would do something stupid in return. You could have asked instead of doing all this. Shelly shouts u was the one who murdered Sushant and you are trying to take Swarn Bhavan away from me right? You deserve to die.

Part 3

Shelly tries to stranggle Karan again saying you are trying to sell Swarn Bhavan? Abha holds Shelly and says bhabhi! The police and Thakur enters where Shelly says no one can sell Swarn Bhavan as its my rights. Everyone here just call me like a daughter and took everything away from me. You and you wife pretended to be good to me all the time. Abha and Karan are shocked! Abha says bhabhi? I never even dream that you would do such a thing. You always thought of me as your younger sister and you always stood with me to unite the family. And you trying to murder Karan? Shelly shouts yes, i did! Why about trying? I will really kill him. Ranchod is smilling and Shelly says i will not sit quietly. Ranchod says we had seen enough and now look at the inspector. Inspector, didn’t i told you there is a climax today? Now take her away and send her child to some orphanage. Shelly shouts to Ranchod and Karuna gets hold of Shelly and slaps Shelly saying what madness are you doing? Why are you taking the blame upon yourself? Because the real culprit is me. Everyone is shocked. Karuna asks why are you taking the blame? Karuna looks at Karan and says yes, i murdered Sushant. And i was the one who gave money to Sushant to murder Karan. But Sushant caught Ranchod and Karan escaped. I for the sake of Shelly and Asmi wanted to kill everyone of Swarn Bhavan. Everyone is shocked.

Precap: Abha says to Indira that i will help you and Indira says i will help you too in return. Abha says look at both the families coming together on 13 July at 8pm on Zee TV.

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