Punar Vivah 11th July 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Aarti asking Yash why they have came here. Yash says to meet Karim bhai whom minister has given contract after Yash. Yash says he is very good friend of his and he promised Yash to meet them to Neelam and Kunal. Karim bhai comes there. Yash thanks him but Karim bhai says why thanks in that, helping him in bring two lovers together is a good thing. Karim bhai then says tonight is sangeet-mehndi and tomorrow is ‘phere’ and there is tight security. Yash says then they must do something tonight. Karim bhai says how will you guys go inside, there is tight security and minister has given orders that if anyone sees Yash or Aarti then just shoot them. Yash says there is no point of scaring, they must find some way as he has promised Neelam. Aarti then says as there is function tonight, they must have called dance-group or such people. Karim bhai says yes they have specially called two people from lucknow. Aarti then says problem is solved, her and Yash will go inside being those two people and changing their look. Yash asks Karim bhai if that’s possible. Karim bhai says people that are coming are very good friend of his and they won’t say no to him but their pair is very popular are known for making ‘dhoom’. Yash says no need to worry, when God is with them, they will pass any test. Yash says to Aarti, ‘i know this is difficult, you can say no if you want. But I need you to be with me’. And then he offers his hand to her. Aarti says she will be with him in all his decisions. Yash takes Karim bhai on side to have a talk. Aarti says in her mind, no matter how difficult time it was but Yash was always with them so how can she say no. She is with him in all his happiness and difficulties and that’s her responsibilities now.

At Yash’s house, Paridhi is complaining to Prateik because he still didn’t talk about her work to his dad. And on the other side his dad didn’t say anything to Aarti when she’s working with Yash. Prateik says he does care and he will talk with him but for now he tells her to believe it’s her break. Paridhi doesn’t like that and says people should learn from him how to change topic and she says she doesn’t want to listen him. Paridhi then says she has to go to meet her aunty. Prateik says he will also go with her as he wants to meet her aunty. Paridhi doesn’t say anything so Prateik asks if she doesn’t want him to come. She says , it’s fine if you come but please don’t take out topic of her work there especially she quit her job because of his father otherwise her aunty would think she has married in old fashioned house. She tells him to get ready properly.

In living room, Gayatri tells her husband that she wants to keep ‘hawan’ due to everyday’s problems. He says okay. Paridhi and Prateik are leaving, Gayatri stops them and asks where are they going and says there is hawan and so much work to do. She then tells Paridhi to help Aarti and Vidhi. Paridhi says, in her mind, that Prateik has no guts to say anything but this time she won’t do any compromise and if she says truth, they won’t let her go. She then tells suddenly she’s having pain in stomach so they are going to doctor. Gayatri says Prateik to take her to doctor. They leave and Gayatri says she will go and tell Aarti. Vidhi is there thinking how to stop Gayatri as Aarti is at at home. Vidhi then stops Gayatri and says Aarti is sleeping. Buaji laughs and says Yash is sick and Aarti is resting. Buaji then tells Vidhi to go and tell Aarti it’s not good to sleep in day time. Vidhi says to leave Aarti because she won’t be able to do anything for hawan either. Vidhi then tells buaji in her ears, ‘that every month’s problem’ and says she will manage everything.

Gayatri says okay. And her and Vidhi leave.

Kids are playing where buaji is sitting and she sends them out as so much noise. Buaji says she is waiting since 2 hours and Aarti still hasn’t came out of her room. She never sleeps this much. She never saw them spending this much time in day time and she says there must be something wrong. She goes to check.

She knocks their door but no one opens door and she says in day time and that too locked door.. disgusting.. this girl is so shameless.

She knocks door again and calls her loudly. Vidhi comes there running and stops buaji and says to let them rest, they must be tired from last night. Buaji says does it look good, everyone staying up and these two sleeping like this. She asks her to leave and knocks door again. Yash’s father comes there and says to her, this doesn’t look good you looking at their room like this. She says she wasn’t spying anything. He stops her and says to help Gayatri and Vidhi.

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