Dekha Ek Khwaab 11th July 2012 Written Episode

The episode begins with Manyata banging on the windows and doors and yelling out to open them. She is screaming for someone to help her but then she hears herself and sees herself saying she is alone and there is no one to help her. She wakes up screaming Uday’s name.
JN with her friends telling them about her operation destroy Manyata. She tells her friends that she will take away every single person from Manyata.
The family is at the breakfast when Dr. Saab tells Brijraj that he can resume his riyasat work but to not give any statements to the media. Brijraj tells him that only UV and Manyata give statements to Media. Manyata comes to breakfast and tells Brijraj that he is the first one who has the right on everything and even this house. Brijraj says the house belongs to UV. Brijraj calls her your highness and tells her that she deceived him by being his daughter and yuvrani. Manyata says that she is the one who ruined everything and she will right everything and will bring back all that they have lost. Unnati tries to leave but Manyata stops her saying it’s her house. Manyata promises everything that she will get back their lost respect and UV’s trust. Birjraj leaves telling her that she always talked big words and hence will not believe her.
Manyata talks to Dr. Saab and tells him that she needs his support because its about the future of Devghad. The Dr. agrees to help her.
JN and her friends decide to create more misunderstandings between ManVeer and not let them come closer to each other. The friends talk about how they like the old UV and JN tells them that she is planning on bringing back the old UV.
Vijay bhai enters and says that there is no one better then JN to be called a Vamo. JN indicates her friends towards the operation destroy Manyata collage. The friends cover the collage making Vijay bhai suspicious. JN once again tries to bring Vijay bhai in her team but Vijay bhai refuses and tells her to stop trying to destroy Manyata.
UV is in his room sitting on his bed when JN enters. UV questions her what she is doing there and what she wants. JN says she doesn’t want anything but she has something he needs and shows him the drink bottle. JN makes him the drink and UV takes it from her.
Manyata enters Rajmata’s room and we finally see Rajmata’s sleeping form. Manyat walks towards the bed and remembers back to all the words Rajmata has said to her about being a Yuvrani and her responsibilities and about knowing the difference between friend and enemy. Manyata talks to her and tells her that she always told her that only she herself can solve the problems in her life. She promises to become a good Yuvrani like her and to win everyone’s love back. She will win UV’s love back and will not let JN get close to UV. She says she knows it’s difficult but she had told her that nothing is impossible.
Precap: UV is drunk and asks JN if she knows the advantage of being selfish. JN tells him to tells her and caresses his face.

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