Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th July 2012 Written Episode

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The episode starts with Nanu calling PD. Nanu ask if he can talk with PD for sometime. PD is angry and he says that they would have asked for the same before the Tilak Ceremony. Nanu says that he knew they were wrong but it all happened because of a single misunderstanding. PD cuts him and says that he would have never sent Aditya there if he had a single doubt like this.

Nanu ask him to listen for just 2 minutes. PD agress and Nanu explains everything to him. Nanu adds that if still they think that he was at fault, then he is ready to say sorry but PD stops him and says that they were not at fault and he should say sorry for not listening to them. PD cuts the call saying that he will talk with Aditya too.

Aditya comes out and was getting ready for his bike race, when PD comes and ask if he can have a race with Aditya too. Aditya sighs and PD ask if he is scared of him, then he can understand it. Aditya turns and says if u trying to force me to do anything, then I won’t. PD tries to talk with him, but Aditya says that he don’t want to talk about Pankhuri and her family.

Pankhuri is sitting on a rock near the river and she is remembering that happened. She is very sad. On the other hand, PD is explaining Aditya that it all happened because of a misunderstanding, He explains him everything. But Aditya is not ready to agree. He says it was not society that cheated with him. It was their family. Aditya leaves without listening to him more saying that we are ending the topic now.

PD talks with Shanky that they will loss such a good proposal for a little misunderstanding. Shanky ask him to talk with Harish as he can handle the matter now.

Nanu is sitting with Diwakar and Pankhuri. He is checking the assignment they need to send to Deewan’s. Diwakar says that he is happy to see Nanu taking interest in work again, but Nanu says that it’s only for this single project as he don’t want any more misunderstandings.

Ambika comes there and says that Govardhan is here. Diwakar thinks that why he actually came now. Nani ask him to go and meet Govardhan but don’t let him come inside, as he is really angry with him.

Govardhan, Ambika, Pushkar, Diwakar, Pankhuri all are present in hall. Govarshan ask them about Aditya’s reply but Diwakar said that PD has asked for some time as he will talk with Aditya. Govardhan gets angry and says that How can they just be thinking. The Tilak ceremony is done in front of everyone and now, he will have to marry pankhuri at any cost. He ask Pushkar to call them.

Pushkar was about to call PD, when Diwakar stops him and says that they can manage everything and it will be good if he won’t interfere in this now. Govardhan gets angry again and he make them count all the favors he has done for them or their business. Diwakar says that he is thankful to him for all the favors but all those were for business, but now its the matter of Pankhuri’s life and it will be really good if he won’t interfere in it. Diwakar then asked him to relax and they start discussing about neha’s Marriage.

Aditya is in some restaurant with his friends who keep on asking him about Pankhuri and her family and everything. They keep on saying that the cheaters are always scared of truth. Waiter brings frappe for Aditya and he again have flashes of his first meeting with Pankhuri. Aditya gets angry and leaves the place.

Aditya is driving his bike and he is still remembering everything that happened with him. When Harish joins him on another bike. Aditya is amazed to see him there. Harish says that he thought to have a race with him. Aditya says that he will beat him definitely. Harish says that he needs to be strong for that.

Aditya says that he knows PD has called him. They stopped on a signal. Harish says that he knows Aditya is right and what if Gupta’s had a Misunderstanding and he really needs time to think. They keep on talking about it. Harish says that Aditya used to love balloons a lot, and those days were amazing, when Aditya used to smile on a thought of his father. Now, things have changed a lot.

Aditya keep on thinking about his last meeting with Pankhuri and he is not paying attention at road. Harish sense a cart on their way and screamed for Aditya.

Precap: –
Pankhuri is with Nanu and is saying that she must say sorry to Aditya for her behavior. Nanu agrees and she dials the number.

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