Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 12th July 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Gunjan going into the kitchen to answer Mintu’s call. She tells him she will come meet him and they will have a photo session. Mayank hears Gunjan talking about the photo session on the phone and asks her who she is going to take pictures with. Gunjan tells him she is going with a friend and tells him it is bad manners to hear someone talking like that. Dolu tells Mayank that Gunjan knows everything, what is right and what is wrong. Dolu tells her that she is really nice, and she says he is very nice too, and tells him that’s why we are friends. Mayank thinks Gunjan is hiding something, and wonders who she was talking with on the phone cause she doesn’t even have a friend, and says he will find out who it was. Gunjan and Rachna talk about how they will teach a lesson to Mintu. Mayank looks at Gunjan and Rachna talking. Shayl comes and both Rachna and Gunjan tell her that they are sleepy, they both go into their room and Mayank wonders what they are up to. Gunjan asks Rachna what she should wear tomorrow for her date with Mintu. They make fun of him, and hope to scare him. Rachna looks worried, and Gunjan asks what happened to her now. She hopes that everything will be fine tomorrow and Gunjan tells her that she knows how to handle this type of guys really well. Gunjan tells Rachna that Mayank overheard her talks on the phone, and assures Rachna that nothing will go wrong as she has her plan ready.
It’s morning and Rachna and Gunjan act about how Gunjan has lost her purse to go meet Mintu. Shayl and everyone ask her where she saw it the last time. Gunjan tells her that they went to a lot of shops yesterday and maybe it got lost in the last market they went to. Shayl tells her that Mayank will go pick it up. Gunjan tells Shayl that it’s her fault for forgetting it there. Mayank says that he has no problem to go and get it, and tells Gunjan that if she want to come with him she can. Gunjan tells him that no thank you, she doesn’t want a favour from him. Mayank tells her that he’s doing her no favour as she is the guest here. Gunjan says no, and Shayl tells her that she is new to Banaras and there are a lot of paths she is unaware about, and tells her she can bring Rachna with her if she wants. Gunjan says alright, and then Shayl says that even Mayank will go along with you guys. Gunjan tells Shayl he cant come along and whispers something into Shayl’s ear. Shayl tells them alright they can go themselves and tells them to come home early as Dayal doesn’t like it. Seema tells Mayank that they are gonna go and look at all the gifts that Charu’s parents gave them.
Gunjan and Rachna reach the Caf Inn. Rachna tells Gunjan that she is really scared, and Gunjan tells her that she can peek at her and Mintu from the backdoor. Rachna tells Gunjan to take care of herself. Seema shows Mayank all the gifts Charu’s parents gave them , Mayank wonders where Gunjan and Rachna have gone, he knows that it’s not the purse issue. Mayank tells his mom that he has important work to do and leaves the room. Gunjan is waiting for Mintu at the caf inn, and he enters through the door and sees Gunjan and smiles. He checks her out XP and starts to smile really wide XP Gunjan says in her head that where am I stuck :S She pretend smiles at him, and tells Mintu that he is looking really nice like a Bollywood hero. He tells Gunjan that she looks really nice too. She tells him to call her Miss Mumbai (doesn’t want to tell him her real name) He asks where Miss Banaras is, Gunjan tells him that she didn’t bring her along because she spoils all the fun and is boring. She tells him that she has dressed up so nicely for him and he is just talking about Rachna. She tells him that we are gonna take a lot of photos together with each other .They sit down, and Mintu tells her that he has got everything prepared, he hands his camera to her, and Gunjan starts looking through it. She is about to delete a pic of him and Rachna till he suddenly grabs it. Rachna is looking at them from a corner. Mintu tells Gunjan that he knows a better place to get the pictures clicked, and tells her to go there with him. Gunjan is getting worried, she tells him that this is a very good place too, and that only people in photos matter, not what the place is. Mintu tells Gunjan that it doesn’t seem that she trusts him, she tells him that if she didn’t trust him, then she wouldn’t have come to meet him so nicely dressed. He tells her then come with me, or else no photos and he won’t meet her ever again. Gunjan tells him that she will go where he wants. Rachna is following Mintu and Gunjan, and Gunjan is gesturing Rachna not to follow them. Mintu turns around and asks Gunjan who she keeps looking back at, Rachna hides behind this post. Gunjan tells him it is no one and tell him to come on. Rachna quietly follows them. Mintu asks whether Gunjan is scared, and she tells him no. He shows her the pictures of him and Rachna. Rachna looks at them through leaves, and tells her he will take pictures like that with her too. She asks him how far is the place he is taking her to. He tells her to hold his hand :S XP
Precap: Gunjan is pretending to take pics of Mintu, when she is actually deleting his and Rachna’s pics, and Mintu grabs the camera and tells her that photo time is over, and its time for kiss time XP He grabs her arms, and Gunjant tells Mintu to close his eyes, Rachna comes and slaps him.

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