Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 17th July 2012 Written Episode

Madhu and Padmini are in balcony discussing about the reasons for their sleeplessness. Padmini tells to Madhu tht she is worried about Madhu. Madhu is confused. Padmini tells her about Mrs. Dixit’s phone call and wonders about the reason for the meeting. Madhu thinks Mrs. Dixit is coming to complain about the 25 lakhs they lost as she thinks Madhu is the cause for their loss. Padmini says the tone Mrs. Dixit used was different. Madhu says Mrs. Dixit might be coming to complain as she has been meeting Mukund a lot recently. Padmini says Mukund is out of hospital then why she is meeting. Madhu tries to explain but Padmini says she trusts her daughters a lot and will always do. Padmini leaves to sleep.

Madhu calls Mukund. Mukund wonder why Madhu is calling at that late hour. Madhu informs him about Mrs. Dixit visit to their house. Mukund is surprised. Madhu asks to stop his mother as Mrs. Dixit says anything when she is angry. Mukund assures tht he will stop his mother and not to worry. Madhu is awake all night and goes to sleep early morning.

Madhu wakes up from sleep hearing loud voices. Madhu hears Mrs. Dixit’s voice. She quickly comes out. Mrs. Dixit blames Madhu for meeting Mukund and having affair. She asks Padmini to clarify with madhu. Padmini stares at Madhu and gives her a tight slap. Madhu wakes up from sleep and relxed that it was just a dream.

Madhu is in the kitchen busy with her work when she hears Mrs. Dixit’s voice. Mrs. Dixit is asking Shamsher about Madhu. He introduces himself. Mrs. Dixit says she is here to meet Madhu n her parents. Shamsher asked to walk and he will call Padmini who is doing pooja downstairs. Mrs. Dixit agrees and enters the house. Madhu brings water for her to drink and asks why she is here. Mrs. Dixit says she is feeling bad for her behavior in hospital. madhu says its fine n she could have called her for such small thing. Mrs. Dixit says she is there to discuss something important. Shamsher, Padmini, and Trishna enter. After greetings, Mrs. Dixit says she is there for Mukund’s proposal for Madhu. Roma too joins them. Shamsher says they have not thought about it yet. Mrs. Dixit says Madhu has already thought of it. She asks when she can come with shagun. Shamsher says they need to discuss about it. Mrs. Dixit asks them to discuss n inform her. she leaves. Trish says Mukund is too good and wonders what Madhu finds in him. Roma too points out Mrs. Dixit being weird. Shamsher asks them not to poke in this matter and leaves the final decision for padmini. Madhu n Padmini are left alone.

Padmini gets back to work. Madhu tries to talk to her but she remains silent. Madhu asks if she is angry. Padmini says she should have informed her before as she got shocked to Mrs. Dixit’s words. Padmini asks if madhu loves Mukund. Madhu says she does not know but she does meet him. She praises Mukund. Padmini asks to stop her praising and answer her. Padmini says she understood and every girl needs a loving n supporting husband. She says love is like an inssurance which she never had. Madhu agrees for the marriage and they both hug.

Roma and Trishna reach the shooting spot. Bittu welcomes them and asks them to get ready with script. Trishna says she wants to get Rk’s blessing. Roma informs the same to Bittu. Bittu calls up RK n gets the permission. RK is in his vanity van with his dumbles when Roma and Trishna enter. They tell him they are there to thank him n get his blessings. He says trish deserves this and says best of luck. Roma and Trishna are happy and leaves. RK gives a thumbs down.

Precap: RK gives a check to Mrs. Dixit. Mrs. Dixit asks why he is giving 25 laks check for Madhu who got him in to jail. RK says he is doing prayaschit n now there will not be any obstrucle in M & M love story.

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