Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th July 2012 Written Episode

Suraj open the box n it was a chit inside it, sandhya was looking at him, he read it n it was the same thing suraj written for sandhya, when bhabho was taking her exam, he smile back, the lady says that suraj loves his wife very much, his eyes dnt reflect the luv. Although suraj dnt understand, sandhya did, she came bck with her plate n both shared cute smile n food. Shikre admire them n thr luv, his wife says that its not best couple contest for which thy get score.

Scene changed, rajkumar was on shop n talking secretly on ph, sum customer cum n ask for papuda to pay back, rajkumar ask to pay but he want to pay only to papuda so he leave. Meanwhile meena cum to shop n before chotu n papuda understand anything she start eating plate full of sweets n snacks, thy try to stop but she claim to be the owner n scolds chotu n ask to go home n he leaves. Another customer came n ask for 2 kg sweets, meena gave him offer to buy 2 saree from rathi saree center n get sweets free, he likes the offer n immidiately goes to buy sarees, rajkumar ask meena that its wrong but meena scolds him, n continues sending customers to her shop.

Other side, first round of contest starts, thy hv given a dish to all n contestant has to taste n recognise all 18 ingredients within 2 mins, thy were announcing it in english which suraj dnt understand, bhabho, sandhya both were tensed, suraj was confused, just before the start, sandhya interupts which thy dnt like, sandhya explains that suraj dnt understand english n like this he cant compete, she ask them to allow her as his translator, thy says that this contest has sum rules n sandhya says that she has read all rules properly n thr’s a provisions of translator n if thy has sum doubt thy can appoint another translator for him n thy allow her.

Sandhya explains it in hindi to suraj n round starts, bhabho take a sigh of relief. All contestant start tasting it n writing names, suraj tastes n smile n write names of ingredients, bhabho, babasa n sandhya continuesly praying for suraj, he almost recognise all ingredients, 2 min get over, he stuck on last ingredient n write sumthing before the judge takes the notepad.

Scene changed, vikram was happy with the sale on both shops, he goes to help meena n gets to know that she has opened an offer of free sweets, he got angry n scolds meena, but she already had an excuse that she’s dng it for rathi family,this offer soon increase sale on both shops, and ultimately she convince vikram.

Other side, judges announce that 5 contestant hv qualified n 5 r in danger, 4 names annonced, last left, suraj’s heart sinking.

Precap: Meena saw passport n lot of money in rajkumar’s bag.

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