Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 19th July 2012 Written Episode

Part 1

Roma tries to cheer up a crying Trish and Bittu comes and gives pep talk to Trish! Bittu tells Roma that Trish’s makeup and hair is not upto the mark .. Roma agrees!

He tells Trish that she should have a personal makeup person as it adds weightage and people feel the person is a star! Roma says Trish has no one like that.. but Trish says.. Madhu can help!

Mukku calls Madhu and asks if all is ready and Madhu confirms! He asks about her and she says .. just about to..! He asks if she is happy .. n she asks if he has doubts? Mukku says.. he wants to go to Gateway of India n scream… ! Madhu cuts the convo and asks him to get ready!

Trish calls up Madhu .. n breaksdown and asks her to come urgently! Madhu says she cant as she has to get ready.. ! Roma influences her and says it will take 1 hour! Trish tells her to come n fix her hair n makeup!

Bittu asks if he cleared RKs test? RK asks who will Madhu choose? – Trish or Mukku? Bittu asks whom will she chose? RK says RKs!

Madhu reasons with Paddo saying Trishs words of labelling her ‘step sister’ hurts her and she needs to clear Trish’s thots! She says she does not want to lose old relations for new ones!

Madhu enroute to the shoot! RK sees Trish-Roma talking about Madhu n says… REASON for Madhu coming – Trish . .but reason for NOT BEING ABLE to Go – RK

Madhu is sent to a set .. n she keeps calling out for Trish..! Its dark and there is only one spot light on Madhu..! She is walking on the bridge and RK comes face to face! He asks what she is doing there.. when she has her engagement? Madhu tells him that its a big day for Trish so she had to come! As she turns to leave.. RK holds her arm!

Part 2

He says sorry for holding her arm and extends hand to congratulate her and she too shakes it!

RK tells Madhu that Mukku loves her a lot.. but one thing no one knows is whether Madhu loves Mukku? Only Mukku can ask that..n she will answer to it!

Madhu says..she came at wrong place n asks way out n RK shows n says today Madhu engagement wont happen!

Part 3

Trish is delighted to see Madhu n feels bad calling Madhu on her engagement and says sorry! Madhu says..that seeing Trish as top heroine is her childhood dream.. engagement is just recent dream..! Both hug!

Paddo calls Roma and chides her for calling Madhu..! Roma promises to come within time! Paddo and Shammo are tensed!

Precap — RK says that the person in his cage.. can fly out only on his wishes.. n so Madhu wont reach by 6.30 and today Madhus engagement must not happen! Madhu tries to come out of the locked room!

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