Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai 23rd July 2012 Written Episode

This episode (23rd July 2012) begins with Manvi telling Jeevika that she told Virat to forget her. Jeevika consoles Manvi by saying that god will end everything fine.

Dadaji invites Rajeev for dinner and asks him the reason behind his unmarried status. Rajeev tells him that he did not get a girl.

Vanshika and Rajeev talk about a girl for his marriage and Viren is surprised to see Vanshik is laughing with Rajeev.

Viren asks Rajeev about the girl name. Rajeev tries to avoid him but Viren reveals that the girl is Vanshika which makes Rajeev upset.

Virat tries to save a leaf from the rain and says himself that he cannot live without Manvi. Manvi is shocked to see Virat is standing in the rain and asks him to go, but he refuses.

Manvi gets angry and asks him to stay here as she is nothing for him anymore.

Manvi hugs Virat when he asks if he is really nothing for him. She confesses Virat that he is everything for her and says I Love U to him.

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