Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 24th July 2012 Written Episode

Khushi walks in the Gupta house and Madhumati is surprised to see her. Khushi goes and hugs her with tears in her eyes telling her she missed her a lot. Madhumati says she could’ve called up but Khushi says she wanted to meet her. Madhumati notices Khushi’s bag and enquires about it.
Arnav is driving back when he notices that Khushi left her mobile in the car.
Khushi tries to bribe Madhumati into letting her stay. Madhumati is doubtful about everything not being alright but Khushi dodges her questions.
Arnav arrives in Khushi’s locality and hears Khushi and Madhumati having a sweet bicker. He rings the bell. Khushi sees it’s him and tries to stop Madhumati from opening the door but in vain. She gets slightly afraid.
Meanwhile, Arnav doesn’t want to disturb Madhumati so doesn’t ring the bell again. Before Madhumati can open the door, Khushi manages to send her away and opens the door herself. She pushes him outside holding his collar and asks him why he came here. They share a Rabba Ve eyelock He teases her saying she needn’t be embarassed since she is his wife and has a right over him. Khushi scolds him for ringing the bell when she just made Buaji sleep.
Madhumati is puzzled to see Khushi making rice. Arnav returns Khushi’s phone and is slightly worried about Buaji but Khushi assures him that she needs no help. As Arnav walks away, Khushi looks after him sadly.
Khushi asks Devi Maiyya to forgive her for all the lies she’s been telling since the morning but she has no other choice. She cannot tell anyone that she has left the house, specially since her relationship with Arnav is merely of a few days. She reveals that she saw Anjali’s face in the morning when she spoke to her and she can’t see her like this; she will only be happy when Khushi is not around and Arnav won’t be happy if Anjali isn’t and if he isn’t then she can’t either.
Just then, Madhumati interrupts her and asks about the rice and the person at the door. Khushi says it was Laad Governor asking for votes.
Payal opens the door for Arnav and worriedly asks him about Madhumati. Nani asks too and Arnav confesses he didn’t meet her. Nani asks him to call up Madhumati since she and Payal want to talk to her.
Khushi asks Madhumati about Shashi-Garima and she says that they will be back in a couple of days. Just then she gets a call from Arnav who wants to talk to Buaji. She lies that Buaji is sleeping and just then Madhumati shouts from behind. Arnav asks her to make him talk to her but Khushi gets a call on the landline and asks him to hold.
Arnav overhears Khushi bickering with her landlord as he asks for Rs 24,000 rent but it is for three months so she calms down. Arnav again asks her to make him talk to Buaji. She asks him to give the phone to Naniji. Nani talks to Madhumati, only that it is Khushi in voice disguised. She manages to take care of the situation with Nani as well as Payal Arnav wants to talk to Buaji as well but Khushi pretends illness as she is sure that Arnav will recognise her voice and manages to hang up.
As Khushi hangs up, she turns to face Madhumati Khushi lies that she was talking to Preeto and Madhumati asks why she Nandkishoring anf coughing on the phone. Khushi says she was generally imitating everyone and then starts doing Hello-Hi-Bye-Bye to imitate Mamiji.
Arnav is talking on the phone worriedly when Aakash walks in. Arnav has some meeting he can’t go to because of the situation at home and Aakash offers to go instead. Arnav is a little tensed and asks Aakash if everything is fine between him and Payal and Aakash says it is
As Aakash informs about his meeting to Nani, Payal and Manorma, Aakash asks Payal if she wants to go too and Nani likes the idea but it displeases Manorma. Payal tells Madhumati she won’t go since Khushi also isn’t around so she should be.
In their room, Aakash is talking about work when Payal informs him that she won’t go with him since Khushi isn’t there. Aakash is disappointed and again turns a little cold because of this but is at least polite.
Manorma is doing some melodrama for Aakash going away and warns him that Mumbai is very different from Delhi as it has the sea which is very dangerous so he shouldn’t go near it. Nani tells Payal she should’ve gone too but Aakash says it’s ok since he would be busy too. Payal is sad while everyone else sees him off. Arnav decides to go to drop Aakash and meet Buaji on his way back. When left alone, Manorma taunts Payal for crying
As Khushi sits on her bed, she remembers her experience when Arnav had come to stay. She tells herself to not fall weak. Just then, Madhumati comes and asks who she is talking to and she says herself worrying Madhumati. Madhumati asks if she has fought with Arnav. Khushi tries to dodge the question again but Madhumati decides to call Arnav. Just then, Khushi hears the golgappawala and asks her to come and eat golgappa.
While eating, Khushi tells Madhumati about the rent. Madhumati gets tensed as her position is tight. Khushi says everything will be fine since she is here. Madhumati says she is here only for a few days but. Her suspicions rise again. Khushi, meanwhile, is shocked to see Arnav drive in to her locality and approach her house.

Precap: Arnav gets a doctor to check up Madhumati. Khushi lies that she is sleeping. Arnav asks if it is necessary for the patient to be awake. The doctor says he can check a sleeping patient too. Khushi is in a fix

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