Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th July 2012 Written Episode

Scene 1
PD-Dadu on mob discussion about their plan but Adi asks 2 return their cloths now but he makes Excuse by saying Gupta’s unlucky so they will go after conference @evening.
Maa praying @temple sees Pankhu who was giving order to Everybody to get ready and asks Maa too to get ready but Maa goes crying emotional as Pankhu’s Relation got broke but She makes her smile.
Conference starts by welcum of Deewans,Adi sulks when meeting wil start?,by Nanu’s trick,Members do welcum of Adi by putting vows & Nanu’s plan gets succeed..


All r ready 4 Sangeet & welcums Bansals.Pankhu wid Curly hairs New hairstyle,chaniya choli.Neha-Pankaj sits wid each other.Mama goes tense if their fake truth wil get reveald.Just then Diwan’s enters ,All welcum them,Pankhu happy.Mama makes an excuse,new false truth, to Bansals that Diwans came forcily here & we cnt ignore them & Bansals r assurd.
Adi sees Pankhu Adorably when Pankhu coming downstairs wid heavy Bucket of fruits & he goes to Help her by taking bucket,Pankhu thnx him but he rudely tels ok,goes away then.She returns Nanu’s jacket & Nanu goes 2 giv Blessings to couple where Pankhu makes a bet to eat food then nly u can bless Neha where Adi fuminly goes away making Everybody sad.
Avan2 in deep thots,talking 2 Bhaiya about Adi’s engagement wid Latika.
Adi in b/w damages a band clashes with it & workes too clashes wid Adi and Nanu finds another excuse to stop/Delay Adi there by teling him to stay & play Drums when it gets set.Oldies smiling at him.
Pankhu welcums Everybody in Sangeet & Adi stops there.She continuous wid her Speech and introduces each couple of Gupta’s 1 by 1 where 1stly Maa-Papa dances on “Janmon k Saathi,Hum saath-saath hain” followed by Chacha-Chachi’s dance on “Dil diwana bin sajana k maane nah” followed by Papa’s & Chacha’s Blessing speech’s by each dance respectively.Adi adorably watching Pankhu,Everybody happy then Nanu come on Dice(stage) 4 his blessing speech where he says- “if family have Love then Ek insaan ke 4 dhaam ghar baithe ho jate hain(every four Places of Math(God places of Hindu’s) visited in staying in house only) “.Adi impressed & this repeats in his Ears with Flashbacks of Harish-Avant2’s fi8s.


Pankhu asking to Adi about His Parents unique habit of Loving Each other but he Sadly tels her that I wish I can see but I never saw my Parents talking Lovingly wid eachother as they both already seperated having in Relation too.

My Thots
nyc epic as MU wil clear i think b/w PaYa.


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