Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th July 2012 Written Episode


Epic starts wid dadu-Pankhu talking of Adi’s nature but he assures her dat he wil b ok when sum1 lovely wil enter his lyf as he got nly pain frm childhud.
Adi FB(Flashbcks) PaYa sangeet meet.
Avan2 watching Harish on Tv & blushing saying he didnt changd til nw” but suddenly in anger switches off TV.
Next day,PD-Avan2 fi8 y they r in kullu? She asks him if they met Gupta’s but Adi consoles her bt she asks 2 return Mumbai nw he assurd but Nanu takes call saying they wil cum after attending Neha’s wedding and she fumes.
Preeti meets Harish n tels Avant2’s plan of Adi-Latika’s engagement & he got shockd bla bla bla.

Baraat wid Bridegroom arrives where All r waiting 4 them .PaYa eye lock.Pankhu in Pink chaniya choli(sorry if m wrong,as i dnt hv much knowledge about gals cloths) where Adi in Blue-black suite.Mama fuming wid Mami.Baraaties r dancing and Gupta’s r waiting them 2 enter but Adi wonders z they arent entering? As Gupata’s r waiting.Finally Bridegroom’s enters where a woman comments about Adi’s being suffering frm Disease n PaYa broken rishta,Bansals in anger.
Here cums our New Bride Neha wid Bridal look of heavy jewels etc in Mehroon dress,Rituals starts ,all r happy ,PaYa eye lock again.Exchange of Vows(varmaala) takes place then Kanyadaan starts followed by 7 pheras of Marriage,a Pure Rishta.PaYa eye lock again where Pankhu tels Adi by Eye’s to Put flowers on Wedding couple and he follows her.
Final ritual of Sindoor Rasm where Pankaj puts Sindoor on Neha’s 4head.They r married now.
Some Baraties starts fuming & orders Pankhu’s dad to take care of them and serve Soda bottles and he goes to serve everything what they askd.Adi is upset seeing Pankhu’s dad’s insult & tels bridegroomer’s to take water themselves but Chacha consoles Adi but Everybody especialy Pankaj’s mom starts fuming but Adi tels so what if they r Bridegroomer so they can insult elders? No.But Nanu takes him away then Pankaj’s frnd(or husband of his sister) tels Adi is Coward & Darponk! Scary! But Adi returns objecting but Pankhu stops him in b/w by Holding his hand and PaYa goes away,where Adi asks Pankhu y r they bearing so much insults by Baraties so what they r bridegroomers today but they r not Gods & Pankhu happily tensed.


Pankaj asks Maa y they r making it a Big issue? But she stops him and Mama tels them another lie that Diwans r stubborn and mad and she tels Adi is a mentally ill boy and Asks For Apology by Adi only to Bansals and their Damaad as he’ leaving marriage(frnd or Pankaj’s sister’s husband),Neha starts crying seeing All dis(aww! Beautiful Bride but Cruel Bridegroomes!).Nanu asks Sorry to Bansals but They r stubborn and want Apology by Adi only where Nanu goes to Adi to convince him 2 ask Apology to Bansals,he is Angry,Pankhu shocked,EPIC ENDS HERE.


All r tensed when Adi comes & says that He dont feel to Apolise to Anyone! Everybody shocked !!

regards Dev

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