Dekha Ek Khwaab 26th July 2012 Written Episode


JN arrives late in the night and sneaks into the Mahal. JN says on the phone to K/L, I had told you babes, that I will sneak in quietly into the house, nobody at home will find out. Nobody will find out that I was missing from home. Come on ya, please don’t talk like that, I am truly worried for Uday, I don’t know how all this happened. I didn’t know/want that this happen. Unnati then says from no where, then what did you want J? JN stops and all the lights turn on in the Mahal. JN shocked and turns around to see Unnati. JN drops her shoes. VB then enters.

Hmm so its time for Round 2 of Unnati the Lioness Vs JN the mousy vamp. As well as VB. And really JN, when have you ever planned something and something happened exactly the way you planned it??? Judging from trial and error you should have already learned that, but sadly for you have not bc you have NO brains. SMH.

ManVeer-Dr Saab

DR Saab is checking up on Uday. M is watching and then once Dr is done and has left UV, M then goes back to sitting next to Uday and holds his hand and continues to pray. Dr Saab cleans up and watches M. DR. says M I want to request you again to please go and rest. I am here right now, with Yuvraj. M shakes her head. Dr sighs and says if your health deteriorates how will you care for Udaybeer? DO you know you have not slept all night? M says Uncle how can I leave Uday in this condition and sleep? If I fall asleep tonight, than shame on my love. When Uday opens his eyes, I want him to see me before anyone else. M cries. Dr gets a glass of water for M and gives it to her and says please dear, please and M takes the glass. M shakes her head and puts down the glass of water. M says Dr Uncle, until Uday does not get better, not a morsel, not water, will go down my throat. Dr Saab says please don’t be stubborn, I am saying Uday will get better, do you trust me? M says I have that much trust in you as much as DS does. M then strokes UV’s head and says I have that much faith in my love, than you will see the medicine, my love, both will have an effect and Uday will get better quickly. Dr smiles and says in front of your stubbornness, great difficulties have been overcome, what am I than in comparison? Both smile. Dr says okay you stay here, and I will administer an injection on Uday. M says ok. Dr saab prepares the injection and M continues to pray.

And so continues M’s care and praying for UV. Poor girl has not slept and refuses to bc she won’t have peace until she is able to talk to UV. She can’t eat, drink, or sleep…ahh such is pain when your love is incomplete and the one you love is in pain. As we all know when M loves, she loves completely and loyally and so lets hope Uday wakes up eventually SIGH LOL


VB says so JB, how was the show? Was the housefull? JN stammers show? What what show? VB says that very show from 6-9? You went to the theater to do a huge drama? JN shocked. So how after the performance, did you get a standing ovation?JN shocked and then says what what kind of nonsense is this VB? Did you along with Uday get into an accident? You you you are speaking nonsense as if your head also got hurt…Unnati shakes her head and says you are the limit. Really. I mean have you taken a vow that you will never fix yourself? My dada just went thru such a HUGE accident, he is in so much pain right now and here you are still doing your foolish nonsense J! Tell me something J? Do you have even a little bit of shame left or like the rest of your clothes, you have forgotten the rest of your shame? J says please Unnati, I only want good for Uday, I could never hurt him like this. Because because I love—JN stops. JN says I mean, I care for him. Unnati then YELLS NOW YOU LISTEN TO ME JN, LOUD AND CLEAR JN!!! IF YOU HAVE EVEN A LITTLE LOVE FOR YOUR LIFE, HONOR, SElF-RESPECT, then YOU WILL GO FAR AWAY FROM MY DADA”s LIFE! This HOUSE’s wall, furniture, whatever, GO HIDE YOURSELF, BUT NEVER EVER COME BACK IN MY SIGHT! TRUST ME! If you do ONE MORE FOOLISH PLOY, I MYSELF will KICK you out of this HOUSE! ANd you KNOW WHY? BECAUSE THIS HOUSE is MINE, MY DADA has BOUGHT THIS HOUSE and YOU NEVER EVER FORGET THAT!!! JN shocked/upset. VB shakes his head in disgust. JN in tears leaves. Unnati then breathes and sighs upset. VB goes up to Unnati and says this is the first time I have seen your lioness side come out, it doesn’t even look like you are the Unnati that I know from childhood. Unnati says every rajkumari has a lioness hidden inside her. When a mahal becomes a battleground, then one must call out the lioness hidden within. Now I will see how anyone tries to hurt my Dada.

AND so starts Unnati the Lioness EMERGES! This is the second best scene of today. WOW UNNATI is A FIREBALL!!! I mean the candle scene is nothing in comparison to how she clearly and awesomely tells of JN!! Love how she mocks JN and says have you taken a vow to never resolve yourself to be better?? WOW HER ENTIRE telling off session was AMAZING!!! HATS OFF and APPLAUSE!!! LOVED her dialogue delivery, excellent job Ankita!! Unnati was fire breathing dragon today LOL. AND VB LOL SOO CUTE lol he’s like I have never ever seen you like this lioness avatar of yours before LOL. And I LOVE Unnati’s parting dialogue, so INTENSE and SO FREAKING AWESOME, every princess has a lioness within her and when a mahal becomes a battleground then it becomes necessary to call out to the lioness within her!!! FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!!! LOVED IT!!!! AND SERIOUSLY J??? WOW can I just SMACK HER?? Like its VERY clear that she has lost all her brains down some flushed toilet because she can’t seem to even lie properly these days. AND trying to brush off that you love Uday by saying you care??? OKAY what BS is that!!! YOu DON”T LOVE Uday J, you are OBSESSED WITH HIM…ThERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE. THIS GIRL…UGH…SMH. ANd the spoilers from AL, make me hate you even more…what an idiot. HOW are they redeeming this girl btw??? Its just NOT possible…she will ALWAYS be vampy JN to me…SMH.

ManVeer Dr Saab

Dr Saab checking up on Uday. M is trying hard not to fall asleep. Dr notices and says M dear, now is enough, you need to rest immediately. M says Dr uncle I am completely fine, nothing will happen to me. Dr Uncle says I know that you are not going to leave from here, but please promise me that you will sleep for some time, whether it be to sleep a bit on that chair, but do rest a little bit. M nods and says yes. Dr leaves the room. M then gets up and closes the door. M looks at Uday and then goes off to freshen up. She comes back and sees that Uday has disappeared from his bed. M sayd Uday and goes out to see where Uday has gone. She keeps calling out Uday, Uday! M then turns around to see Uday who is smiling. M says what? Uday says not what? Hi. HI Beautiful. M says Uday, for what happened, I hold my ears and ask for forgiveness. But honestly I did not call Akash there, I am not crazy that I will call Akash there. Now my life has only one goal, and that is you Uday. Uday says M, relax, just relax. Even after all this happening, we both are here, in this moment, together. Nobody can separate you and me. No one. Not Akash, not this world, not fate. No one. I had thought that I had lost you forever. Uday says Manyata, if you even wanted to, you could not lose me, because I am always with you, always. M smiles. Uday cups her face and says you are Jaigarh’s future queen, we both are bonded, not only in this janam, but the rest of them too. Both then hug. Uday says Manyata, promise me one thing, that you will never lose faith in our love ever. M says haan nai toh. uday laughs and M hugs Uday. The song Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Plays in the BG. M then kisses Uday’s hands and M and Uday start to slow dance. There is a moment where Uday and M get closer for a kiss and then M shifts away bc she is shy, but Uday stops her and pulss her back. M has her eyes closed and Uday kisses her neck. M opens her eyes and turns around and both dance again. Uday then steps away from M and walks backwards and M is confused and then she sees JN come from behind. M is shocked. Jn smiles at Uday and hugs Uday. M says No Uday, Uday no!! M wakes up freaked out and realizes it was just a dream. M goes to Uday and says Uday, my halkat veda, kasmanu khane, the fear of losing you makes me fearless of anything else. What have you done to me? Uday are you listening to me, please don’t bother me anymore, wake up now, please Uday, please wake up. M takes his hand and holds it.

WEll its made clear that M is very sleepy and obviously we see it in this dream sequence. BTW EVEN if this is a dream sequence, it was BEAUTIFULLY DONE!!! SO SWEET!! EVERY LITTLE MOMENT was BEAUTIFUL!!! Seriously PG/AK or ManVeer whichever, THEIR CHEMISTRY IS WONDERFUL!!!! SO BEAUTIFUL…all of it. I can’t even analyze it properly because it was just so sweet, words are NOT even enough. oNe should just watch it and SIMPLY enjoy it. THe song was BEAUTIFULLY used and the choreography was simple and sweet! And yea those almost kisses, and the kiss on the neck were also well executed! OH AND THE WAY M says haan nai toh SO CUTE SO ADORABLE!! AWW My heart just melted and became a HUGE GOOEY puddle…this entire sequence made me a huge gooey puddle! And then when M snaps out of it, her lines to Uday were really sweet too, aww she called him khasmanu khane again LOL. And yes her parting dialogues were just too sweet!

Precap: M says what is this VB? VB says a letter that Uday had written for you. And please don’t get the wrong meaning out of reading this, do understand the meaning behind those words. M takes it and reads it. M is in tears and

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