Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th July 2012 Written Episode

Priya goes to Ram and says Ram and before Ram turns back, Pihu pulls Priya and she turns back. On the other hand, Rajat takes Ram away. Pihu says to Priya, you called me right? Priya says you remember I told you about angel. Pihu asks but where is that angel? Priya says here he is and turns back and she doesn’t see Ram there anymore. Ram is also saying that he felt like he heard Priya’s voice. Priya says he was here right now and there Rajat, on the stage with Ram, asks for everyone’s attention.

Rajat introduces Ram to everyone. He says he’s special and another person who is more special is here as well. He then calls out Ram’s new wife .. AAYESHA RAM KAPOOR. Priya is expression-less. Aayesha comes on the stage and gives a hug to Ram. Priya is wondering Aayesha Ram Kapoor? Priya has tears in her eyes and she leaves from there. Pihu asks Cady where did Priya go? Cady says she will go and check now and tells Pihu to stay with her friends.

Rajat sees Priya alone and he comes to her and says he wants to apologize to her. He says he said way too much other day and it’s wrong. Priya is just thinking about Ram and Aayesha. Rajat says, I am sorry to Priya. Rajat says he didn’t want to hurt her and he’s really sorry for that. Priya leaves from there without saying anyone. Cady comes there and asks what did you say? Rajat says he said sorry. Cady says that means you said something to her and asks him how can he be so rude.

Cady runs to Pooja (Priya) and asks what did ‘khadus’ (Rajat) said that she is leaving from the party. Priya says she wants to stay alone and asks her to drop Pihu at home after party is over. Priya leaves.

Ram sees Cady and asks her about Pihu’s mother. Cady says she had to leave. Ram says this is unbelievable.. everytime he tries to meet Pihu’s mother something happens. He says today he invited them because she wanted to meet her and help her. Cady says she knows Ram is sweet and he really wants to help but Pooja is very self-respected and self-esteemed and she won’t take any help from anyone, especially financial. Ram says he has a plan and Pooja won’t even find out. Cady joins Ram and Ram says he will tell her what’s his plan.

Back to India, Neha tells Vikram that she knows she over reacted but now a days there are many complains of her son. Vikram tells her that Rahul senses there are issues between his parents and that’s why he’s stressed and doing all this. Neha asks Vikram if Rahul found out about their divorce and that’s why he was asking all that to Vikram. Vikram says he doesn’t think so and he says until they don’t find out a way to tell to kids about their divorce, they will have to act like normal in front of kids.

Somia is worrying as she can’t call to Ram. Ram’s younger (Rishabh) brother comes there and why are you worrying so much? She says she just wants to make sure Ram got package that she sent. Rishabh says, you sent with Aayesha right? Then he will definitely get it and asks her not to worry and increase her blood pressure. She says Aayesha is there that’s why she is worrying. She says everyone knows Aayesha doesn’t care about Ram. She says she is sure Aayesha wouldn’t have given medicine to Ram. Rishabh says when brother doesn’t care then why do you worry so much. She says whether he cares or not but she does care.

Rajat is talking with himself and says he’s sorry that he went to Pooja and said sorry to her. Ram comes there and asks what’s wrong now. Rajat says he doesn’t know where Pooja went. Ram asks why are you worrying then? He says he is host and he should know when guests come and go. Ram says if you stop thinking about her then we can talk about the deal with Mr. Arora. Rajat says let’s go and says he is always ready for work. Ram says if you’re host then I am your dost and says he is just kidding. Ram says Mr. Arora left the party before half-an-hour and despite he is our important client you do not know about it but when bookstore’s girl come and go … you know everything about her. Rajat asks him to shut. Aayesha comes there.. Rajat tells Ram to take care of Aayesha and he leaves from there.

Ram asks Aayesha.. when did you come to Dubai? and asks her in which hotel she’s staying. He asks her about package that Somia sent for him. Aayesha says it’s in her hotel. Ram says he will drop her there and pick up the package. They leave.

Back to India, Vikram’s kids are watching TV and they advertise upcoming Sony TV’s show ‘Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage’. They then argue which kind of marriage is better and Rahul says our parents also did love marriage and they are happy now. Neha and Vikram come there. Neha says arranged marriage is more successful because Ram and Priya did arranged marriage.

At hotel, Aayesha is searching for the package in her bag. She says she can ask manager to bring his medicines. Ram says it’s okay and says this marriage is only because of what his brother did with her. Aayesha asks you only married me because you think whatever Sid did with me wasn’t correct? He says, I mean this marriage also helped him because if he wouldn’t get married then his family would force him after couple of years. He says he can’t think about anyone beside Priya. He says he also married because Aayesha is Priya’s sister and he wanted to save her reputation. He says wherever Priya is right now, she must be happy seeing this. Aayesha says you love Priya so much. If Sid had loved me even half of it, then today everything would be different. Ram says in his mind that he’s missing Priya a lot today. He says may be it’s because of Pihu and he says if they had any daughter, she must have been like Pihu. He then leaves from there.

Precap: Priya calls her father and says she is missing him a lot.

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