Dekha Ek Khwaab 2nd August 2012 Written Episode


Uday enters the Mahal yelling Manyata! He goes upstairs looking for her in another hallway, and M is coming from another hallway and goes downstairs gradually and fb to when DS held her hand at the time M had made the deal to become a princess and then fb to when Uday and her had walked down the stairs together to the party with her makeover. She puts down her suitcase and looks around and looks at the dining table and rmrs when she had made chaat for everyone and how she got money for that. She walks towards DS’s office and cries and fb to the moment when she was planning for the raj purohit to come and bless the future yuvrani in DS’s office, and how Uday had helped her and she fb to when RP gave her blessings for being a future Yuvrani, she puts her hand on the seat where DS would sit, and cries and fb to when she would do work as a Yuvrani. She strokes the chair again and then smiles sadly.

M fbs to all the moments and it was just so nostalgic yet so sad at the same time bc as M goes down memory lane, I as a viewer/audience also went down memory lane to all those moments/scenes throughout M’s journey of growing up…it was just a bittersweet moment that left an ache in my heart.

M’s room

Uday enters M’s room and yells M! He looks around and sees the closets open with M not taking a single thing of hers. He puts his hand over her clothes and looks around and sees her taj on the table.

Uday’s eyes were just saying it all, before he even said his dialogues, I am an idiot. lol.


M goes to the dining room and strokes her hand at the head table’s chair. She fb to when she made UV breakfast and UV was sitting on that chair, and she cries and fb to the morning after she had won the competition and sat next to Uday at the bfast table talking to her family happily. M sobs at all those moments…

Okay seriously you are killing me here CVs, like trying really hard not to cry here with M!!!!

M’s room

Uday picks up the file and taj and opens the files and then holds M’s taj. Uday says everything is just laying around here, all the riyasat’s papers, the crown, she just left everything like this…Uday puts down the crown and leaves M’s room.

AWWW…stop breaking MY HEART CVs!!! Aww so adorable…Now idiot leave and GET M! Well actually take your time since M is taking her sweet time leaving memory lane tbh. LOL


M picks up her suitcase and goes off slowly and Uday comes out from M’s room. He spots M and Uday yells Guards! M is shocked/surprised.The guards come running in as well as the maids. Uday comes down the stairs and stands in front of M. M says halkat yede vede khasmanu khane, why did you call the guards here? Uday signals to the guards to leave. He looks at the maid to leave. Uday says so I could see you in this avatar, that’s why. M says I am going Uday, just go now and stay happy with that J Kamini. Let me go, because I swear you don’t even know what I could do to you. Uday says really? What can you do? M says I won’t tell you, I will show you by doing. And anyway status is not shown by telling its by showing it. Uday says really? Wow Princess your pride still has not gone, huh? If you have some much pride in you, then why are you running away like this? The girl I know, she wasn’t a runner. M says Oy! Be quiet! I am not some runner! Just because I love (you), doesn’t mean you can say whatever you nonsense you want. UV says what? What did you say? You what? M says I love you, what else? Uday smiles. M says in all these days, did you not figure out, how much I love you? Uday smiles and says don’t you have any shame, a chawl girl falling in love with a Yuvraj? M bucks up and grabs UV’s shirt and pulls him towards her and says first YOU tell me, whether you love this chawl girl or not? Uday takes M’s hand that grabbed his shirt and holds M’s hands and says the answer is Yes. I love this chawl girl Moniya and Yuvrani Manyata too. M smiles. Uday smiles back M says well you had to do that, I am that dakkat types ki, Uday laughs and M says haan nai toh. Both laugh. M puts her stuff down and backs away. M then gets on her knees and holds out her hand to Uday and says Yuvraj Udaybeer Singh will you make me your Maharani? Uday looks at M in surprise/joy and laughs says God Manyata, you can’t do EVERYTHING? I am YOUR prince charming, I am suppose to get on my knees and propose to YOU, not you to me! M says look Uday, quit changing the topic, give an answer or I will keep on sitting like this! Uday says hmm, I will give you an answer, and I will give such an answer that all your chit chat will end. Uday helps M get up, (Dheeme Dheeme plays in the BG) and Uday then cups M’s face and kisses M’s forehead, he kisses M’s cheek, and then he kisses her other cheek, M smiles at Uday, Uday then leans into kiss M on the lips but M smiles shyly and hugs Uday and Uday hugs her back. Both are super happy.

OMG CAN I JUST DIE??? EEKS!!!! LOL SO MANY THINGS GOING ON!!!! Can I just say one thing, even if M is in her Moniya clothes, and even uses a mix of Moniya’s language, her eyes are a different story. In her eyes you see Yuvani Manyata with that spunk of Moniya in her. Kudos to PG for that. Actually Kudos to BOTH AK and PG, they were TERRIFIC in this scene! LOL the way Uday yells for the guards to stop M! So cute bc we all know if Uday had called out to M she would have probably run the hell outta of there as fast as she could proving once again that our yuvraj knows his yuvrani VERY well M of course calls him her favorite curse words, LOVED IT!!! =) And Uday back to being his prince charming self to win back his princess =) Gotta love it! LOVe how M is threatening him EVEN NOW lol, gotta love Uday for sparking the fire back in his Princess who moments ago was defeated and heart broken, but you gotta love M even more for bucking up and not being afraid when Uday does call the guards and faces Uday with equal confidence/spunk. AND AWW the way M reveals she LOVES Uday, LOL. Of course she spills it while yelling at Uday LOL SO MANYATA/MONIYA!!! LOL Indeed staying true to her character to the last bit! LOL. And the way Uday says you what? what did you say? LOL. AWWW. And M doesn’t get scared and she just says it bravely yet softly, I love you what else?? LOL. And the way Uday just smiles and looks at her, it was completely adorable…SIGH, I was melting throughout the entire scene, may as well have been a puddle. LOL. And the way M says SO CUTELY that in all these days you didn’t figure out how much I love you? AWWW. ANd UDAY’s is just hilarious!! SeriouslY I swear it was like, their nok jhok, cuteness, and chemistry ALL IN ONE scene!! OH MAN!! SO back to uday and his response so cute/funny! LOL. And how M grabs his shirt and says SO do YOU love this chawl girl or nOT?? LOL LOVE HER ATTITUDE!!! YOU GO GIRL!!! That’s how a Yuvrani does it! LOL =) And the way Uday looks at her and takes her hand and says the answer is yes I love chawl wali Moniya AND I love Yuvrani Manyata SO SOFTLY and sweetly in love!!! BOTH of them ARE JUST KILLING ME HERE!! LOL. ANd M’s response!! AWWW lol, she says of course you had to fall in love with me, I am just that cool haan nai toh LOL. Aww man these two kill me! AND then M oh man M ki toh bimaari hai propose karne ka!!! LOL. M proposes to Uday and Uday is as always MELTING and its so cute and then he snaps out of it and says M what is wrong with YOU?? I AM YOUR Prince Charming, I AM the ONE who is suppose to propose, you CAN”T DO EVERYTHING LOL SO FREAKING ADORABLE!!! AND M is JUST TOO CUTE LOL, she says look Uday quit changing the subject and give me an answer! And Uday is just so sweet and gets M to get up and kisses her sweetly on the forehead, both of her cheeks, and they tease you with an almost kiss which M shies away from and hugs Uday really tightly as he does her. It was really ADORABLE!!! And you saw that amazing chemistry that they both share! It was ridiculously sweet and amazing at the same time! The way both of them were looking at each other, how they managed to come back to each other with their love, it was really just amazing and I was just smiling the entire time, these two are SO MADE FOR EACH OTHER!!! That maturity/growth you see in M’s eyes, because even if she is in Moniya attire, her eyes speak a different story and Uday as well, his eyes spoke a different story to what he was in the beginning. Now their eyes speak the same language and share a beginning that is new and all theirs. =)


Unnati and VB enter the Mahal while UV/M are hugging. Both smile at each other and VB says ahem, (UV/M pull away) Unnati have you seen the film 3 Idiots? Now see 2 Idiots. Uday looks at M and smiles as well M. VB says finally 2 Idiots’s happy ending. M says Vijay Bhai, I am not an idiot, and if I were an idiot then I would have never known what was happening around me. Uday is confused. M says VB being a Yuvrani it is my command, that you will always keep Unnati happy. VB says as you command YH. Uday smiles. M hugs Unnati. M says VB, and smiles and hugs him. M looks at Uday and he smiles at her. M goes to Uday and both look at each other happy and go to hug each other again, but then JN enters and says Jiji! M turns around to look up at JN. Everyone looks upset to see JN. JN walks down the stairs with something behind her back in her hands. JN says you are forgetting something Jiji. M looks at everyone and is confused and looks at JN. JN walks up to M and holds out the Yuvran’s crown. Everyone is shocked to see JN do such a thing. M is shocked at JN. JN smiles and says this is your crown Jiji, it has always been yours and it will always be yours. I had lost my sister in my childhood, today I want my sister back. M smiles. Everyone smiles. JN places the crown on M’s head. Unnati smiles in approval. JN then backs away and then bows her head and says I bow my head down in front of you, Your Highness Yuvrani Manyata. M smiles. M says a little sister’s place is not there J, its here and holds her arms out. J is surprised and hugs M. JN says sorry Jiji. M is happy. Everyone is smiling happily. M then pulls away and then says haan nai toh and everyone laughs and does a group hug.

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