Uttaran 3rd August 2012 Written Episode

Episode begins with Damini and Ichcha talking about Ichcha meeting Veer. Ichcha says how she met Veer in the college and all that. Damini worried if Meethi will know about her dadand family, she says this is not the time for her to know all that. They’ll tell her when the right time comes. Muktha calls meethi and says she’ll reach home in half an hour and asks her to manage the worried parivar at home. Meethi manages it. Kahna spots Muktha and Yuvi together., He recognises Yuvi. He enquiries what they r doing here. Muktha asks Kahna to leave, and that she is with her friend, and she’ll reach home soon. Kanha pulls Muktha to his taxi, Yuvi stops him, asks who he was to interfere. Kanha says he is her brother, and asks him to stay away. Muktha says he is not her brother, and asks him to stop acting. Yuvi taunts him, Kanha slaps Yuvi!! Muktha terrified.. Yuvi tries to attack Kanha, but He avoids him, and says Maybe no one taught him how to behave with elders and leaves, with Muktha. Yuvi stares. Meethi worried at home, tries calling Muktha, Muktha didn’t attend and cuts the call. Muktha asks Kanha not to tell all this at home, there are enuf problems at home after they all came. Kanha talks patiently to her, and agrees. Yuvi reaches home, and all are there, Dadaji enquiries about 1 Lac bill and asks for what it was. Yuvi replies arrogantly, all r tensed. Dadaji is very angry, Yuvi also shouts, Veer gets angry..!! He shouts Yuvi and gets angry for talking badly to Dadaji, and he asks what that money was for! Yuvi goes to Dadaji and says he will not say what he did with that money. Dadaji shocked, he drops hospital walking stick down. Veer bends to take it, but he does it himself. He is very sad with all that happened. Chanda smiles. At Thakur home, all r waiting worriedly, Surabhi asks what is there to get so worried, Rohini says Its because of Muktha being late not come yet. Surabhi says Even Kanha hasn’t come home yet, No one cares for the Malik! Muktha reaches home, Jogi is angry, he questions mUktha. Kanha enters and says he will answer. Muktha looks and the episode ends.

Precap Update: Damini and Kanha. Kanha is worried and says to Damini, ‘How will I say that? That Ladka was none other than Yuvraj singh bundela!! Damini shocked, and says Yuvraj singh Bundela!! Precap ends!!

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