Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th August 2012 Written Episode

Nidhii is not available, so here I am with the written update for August 6th’s episode.

The episode begins with Adi and Avantika talking where Adi tells Avantika that he does not mind getting married to Latika and that his decision is not based upon Avantika’s want to get him married to Latika. Avantika looks pleased to hear this whereas Harish and Nana Ji standing by the door, eavesdropping are not happy. Nana Ji tells Harish that all their hard-work seems to have gone down the drain because Adi has still not changed his mind about this marriage. Harish says that he will have to think of something else. Harish tells Nana Ji to pretend as if he ha suffered through a heart-attack. Nana Ji says he can’t act, Harish convinces him and shows him ways of acting.

Avantika and Adi reach downstairs and Adi praises his own Mama for the amazing decoration, Mama Ji looks really happy with this compliment. Just then Latika and her parents reach. Adi welcomes them in and Latika tries flirting with him and asks him how she is looking to which Adi coldly says that she is looking good. Latika’s parents leave the Adi and Latika together.

Avantika sees Nana Ji downstairs and gets really happy. She walks towards them and thanks them for being there for Adi. Nana Ji tells her that he wasn’t around for the preparations for the engagement, but he will be there for the wedding preparations. He then tells her that he is here only for his grand-son as this is a huge step for him. On the other side, Adi’s mama and Mami are standing and Mami tells Mama to go and stop Avantika and Nana Ji’s reunion. Mama ji goes and tells Avantika that she needs to call Pandit Ji. She leaves from there.

Preeti walks down the stairs too, and Avantika goes to talk to her. Preeti says that she is only here for Adi and not Avantika. Adi comes there and Preeti tells him that the relations you want to have are the only ones that last long, otherwise other-reasons based marriages never last long. Adi starts thinking and walks away.

Adi walks near the window and thinks to himself back on Preeti’s words and wonders what she meant. He then remembers the Tilak ceremony and also when Pankhuri and Adi walked around the tree at the temple. He is deep in thoughts. Scene changes and shows Pankhuri stepping on the Mumbai airport. In the background, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai title song is playing and it shows Pankhuri and Adi deep in thoughts. Pankhuri thinks to herself that she only knows two people here and those are Adi and his Nana Ji.

Adi’s friends jumping on him and get all excited and tease him. Avantika comes there and tells Adi to move towards the main hall so that they can start the engagement ceremony as soon Pandit Ji comes.

Adi and Latika are shown standing across each other and Avantika says that they are just waiting for the Pandit to arrive. Just then Adi’s mama comes and says that the Pandit is stuck in traffic hence, they’ll have to wait. Avantika says that if this Muharat goes our of hand then they will have to arrange for the Roka after 2 weeks. Harish, Preeti and Nana Ji are happy at hearing this. Just then Mama receives another call and he says that the Pandit can’t make it at all. Harish whispers to Nana Ji that he should be happy because firstly, he won’t have to act and secondly Adi won’t get engaged today. Just then Adi says that it’s okay if the Pandit can’t make it, they all know what the rituals are like, and they can go ahead with it. Latika and her family support his decision, Avantika seems a little hesitant at first but the gives in.

Again, Pankhuri is shown at the airport waiting for the car with Govardhan Mama. She thinks about how it’s Adi’s engagement that day and she tells herself that she wishes for Adi to get the best of everything.

Adi on the other hand is just about to slide the ring on Latika’s finger when Nana Ji falls to the floor pretending that he has suffered from heart attack. Everyone rushes him to the hospital and the engagement is all forgotten.

At the hospital, Adi and Avantika tell the doctor that they want to go inside along with Nana Ji. But Harish winks to the doctor and the doctor says that they can’t go inside. Harish and Shanky wink too while everyone is upset over it.

Govardhan Mama and Pankhuri are in the car when Mama’s phone rings and it’s Pankhuri’s father and they inquire about the weather of Mumbai. Pankhuri seems fascinated by the buildings and she remembers Adi’s words about how she will be impressed by Mumbai just like he was impressed by coming to Kullu.

Adi and family are at the hospital. Harish comforts Adi. Just then Latika and her family come there, and Latika’s mother tells Avantika that he will be fine. Inside the room, Nana Ji and the doctor are shown laughing about the whole fiasco. Doctor tells Nana Ji that no other patient can ever do this. Just then Pankhuri’s Dada Ji calls Nana Ji and he asks the nurse to bring in Harish. Nana Ji tells Dada Ji that he has made all the arrangements and that Pankhuri will get the best room at the hostel. Harish comes inside the room and Nana Ji tells him that Pankhuri has arrived. Harish and Nana Ji are joking about the heart attack drama. Nana Ji tells Harish to make sure that everything is in order and all instructions have been followed as Pankhuri will be the “Bahu” of this house. Adi overhears this and says “Bahu?!” Harish and Nana Ji are shocked to see him there and the episode ends on Adi’s confused face.

Precap: Latika is telling Adi that she feels bad that they couldn’t get engaged, she asks Adi that he must be feeling bad about it too. To which Adi says that he is only concerned about his grand-fathers health at the moment and she doesn’t seem to care, he didn’t either until Pankhuri told him of the importance of elderly in the house and the lives. Latika looks at Adi and asks who the heck is Pankhuri? Harish is shown over-hearing this.

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