Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha 13th August 2012 Written Episode

Addu fiasco on at Vyas house with Renu trying to spoil things further by poisoning Addu’s mind and also trying to instigate Saroj and Ved while Jiji is trying to find out the what actually happened …n MM arrive at Vyas house and Mohan apologizes but Megs interrupts and tells abt Addu spilling his food and talks to Addu and tells him how she loves him the most and patao’s him to come with them

-Next all r sleeping Megs making Ladoos and Mohan cums frm behind and she gets scared and he asks am I that scary and takes one ladoo and tells her to say Hi to bhagwaan (this bit is absolutely classic )

-Mohan playing good Daddy to Addu by dressing him up while Addu as usual shouting and throwing tantrums arnd while Mohan is trying to take in the tantrums and some cool as usual Addu Mohan stuff with both irritating the other (Agaiin this bit is cool )

-Janamashtami on and Megs dus pooja and dus Mohans tilak as well while Mohan is all set to fulfill Addu’s wish for phodoing the handi and calls up his mates to help him out and so the colors ki junta cums and all dance n all and MM dance and romance as well

-N finally Addu breaks the handi with Mohan’s help

Precap: FIL asks Addu if he has become friends with his new Papa. Jiji says yes of course that is why they broke the dahi handi won the prize. Addu says he broke the dahi handi all bu himself. MIL says no your father helped you in breaking the dahi handi. Addu says he is not my father. Everyone worried.(crdt Neelu)

Sorry for the Brief update loads of work Pending hope I am forgiven but todays epi is worth a watch in bits

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