Phir Subah Hogi 20th August 2012 Written Episode

Part 1
Episode starts with Reva doing makeup and Jiji complimenting her looks and dressing. Jiji suggests that she should take great care of Vikram so that he doesn’t leave her.Reva says she will wear gorgeous sarees for Vicky. Adi stands looking at her in the doorway. Reva says she wants to see Vicky very happy and Adi thinks Reva mami loves Vicky mama so much whereas Mamaji….

Vikram is speaking to his lawyer when Adi interrupts him.Adi says Vikram has responsibility towards Reva & Vicky agrees. Adi says on one side Vicky is showing responsibility towards Reva mami but at the same time he cant live without Sugni then whats the meaning of this becoz no women will share her husband with another women. Vicky says its left to him how he handles both women, Adi says he will not accept it becoz Reva is his responsibility and Sugni too doesn’t love him anymore so how can he think of Sugni. Vikram says he will never force Sugni but he will legally marry her and bring her home. Adi says its not possible until Reva remains his wife & he Adi will not allow Vikram to do such injustice. Vikram says what if Reva becomes normal & he divorces her then he is free to marry Sugni as no one can stop him. Adi super shocked.Vikram leaves determined.

Bums comes with the dancers to a Thakur’s residence. The Thakur’s are impatient for the dance to commence. Sugni comes out beautifully dressed in Pink Ghagra with other women while the men eye her. Sugni says finally her fate has brought her to this place from which she was always running away. Gulabia is coming to stop Sugni with Rathu.

Vikram consulting the doctor who says Reva is not having any specific illness to be treated but She has created a fake world around her & doctor suggests a way with which Reva can be cured. Vikram says he is ready for anything. Doctor says if Reva gets her lost baby then she may become alright. Vikram shocked and left wondering.

Rai begins and Sugni starts to dance to the same song ” Ban than ke baithi hu karke Singaar”. The men are delighted to see her dance and compliment on her moves while Sugni remembers how Vikram was against Rai, Reva’s entry etc. The dance is over and Sugni is covered in money.

Part 2

Vikram returns home and keeps thinking of Doctor’s suggestion while Reva is in her room playing with a doll and has covered the entire room with Baby pictures. Vikram stands watching this while Reva sees him and hugs him. Reva says she had been to the doctor who told her baby is fine and she is eagerly waiting for the baby to come in their life. Vikram looks at her in shock while Reva says she wants Baby shower ceremony.
The Thakurs complement Sugni on her dance saying she took their breath away and they want this night to never end. Bums comes & holds Sugni’s hand and wants to say something when Sugni stops him.Sugni herself announces that coming Ekadashi she is up for sale & invites everyone to participate in it shocking all. Gulabia just then comes & looks at her in shock.
Vikram comes & questions jiji if she took Reva for ultrasound scan. Jiji says she had to take her as Reva was adamant & keeps questioning about the kid so to keep her quite I took her to doctor. Vikram says now Reva is having so much hope how she will accept the truth that she is not pregnant & leaves furiously.
Jiji thinks she will never allow Vikram to divorce Reva and marry Sugni as long as she is alive.

Part 3

The Thakur’s compliment Sugni on her bold act of announcing her own sardhakai & say she was always against Sardhakai but today she had to bow down under it. Gulabia collapses on the floor in shock looking at Sugni .Gulabia remembers how Sugni was always against Sardhakai and how she always fought against the customs. Sugni comes near her & says lets leave.

Precap : A servant comes and tells Vikram that Sugni’s sardhakai is underway & only Vikram can save her. Vicky is leaving urgently when Reva says how can he go leaving her & the kid. Vikram shouts at her saying her baby is dead while Reva hits him with a flower Vase and Vikram collapses on the floor while Adi catches him & Vikram is left bleeding.

I guess now Gulabia will request/beg Adi to save Sugni and he will do her Sardhakai. Also there are too many people agains SugVi so chances of SugVi together looks remote

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