Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage 20th August 2012 Written Episode

Shivani and Sahil’s little moment at the office, before they both get the phone cals was really sweet. We saw him making tea for the both of them and aww But on a more serious note, little things like this do show how this is an equal relationship, not the general ones we see where it’s always the woman making the coffee/tea except for the morning after when the husband decides to be extra sweet and nice ROFL

As for the not so pros for this episode –

1) Shivani’s Parents Meet Rajlakshmi (Sahil’s and Anoop’s Mother) & The Truth is Out (This was the entire first half of the episode) – See. I was going to say this was a complete con, but then am happy that the truth is out to Shivani’s parents this quickly. They’ve pinned hopes on Sahil and Shivani, seen the couple grow over the two years and had come with high expectations for their daughter’s wedding only to have them all come crashing down as Rajlakshmi barely greets them well – sure, she’s polite, but very distant, and Shivani’s parents immediately notice something is off. When Rajlakshmi says that the wedding isn’t possible, that they’ve already chosen someone else for Sahil, then although the parents look disappointed, Shivani’s father doesn’t give up. But he’s shot down very quickly once again =/

Seriously – I can’t imagine what those parents are going through, and I’m happy that this was highlighted in the episode. I’m going to take a wild guess and say this is a relatively common situation, maybe not exactly the way it was depicted, but the entire one family agrees and the other doesn’t. And that’s depressing. When two individuals do love each other, do seem mature enough to make their own decisions – then there shouldn’t be an issue, should there?

2) Rajlakshmi – Man. This woman is so overpowering. The entire time she was speaking to Shivani’s parents, I was absolutely positively cringing. She wasn’t outright rude, but she was very aloof – that’s the word LOL. It really seemed like she was looking down on them, I don’t know if anyone else got that feeling, but I didn’t like it at all.

And the way she controlled what Netra would and would not say when she called Sahil, whether or not they would tell Anoop about Shivani’s parents coming over – I didn’t like that. Way too controlling woman. They are both your sons. Why should what happened in their own home be kept hidden from them? Especially the way she treats Anoop. It scares me because it seems like she doesn’t let him have his own thoughts, his own sense of independence. I just hope she doesn’t treat Mansi poorly just because she seems to dislike Anoop. o.o


And sadly enough, that was the crux of the episode, except for the snippets where Anoop’s family is invited over to Mansi’s. Naina Bhabhi didn’t seem so bad today but we know she’s going to turn out to be negative =/


Precap: It had me quite happy actually. I like how Anoop actually told his Mum and Sahil to stop fighting because they were at Mansi’s house – he actually raised his voice! Shocked ShockedShocked But then he comes out to see Mansi – and I guess they end up arguing about the involvement of parents or something like that. Didn’t get to finish it. But I’m excited about tomorrow’s epi

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