Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 23rd August 2012 Written Episode

Charu holds mayank s hand and keeps talking nonstop Mayan are unhappy Gunjan leaves the room and mayank follows. Charu thinks that mayank s mood is not good. Mayank comes down takes seema in a corner and tells her he does not want to get married so early. Seema tells him to keep quite in front of everyone while she will handle the situation. Charu keeps giving weird expressions . Charu s mom makes gunjan serve sweets to everyone. When gunjan is near mayank he pats her hand reassuring that everything will be all right. Sangeeta makes charu and mayank sit together charu grabs mayank s hand leaving gunjan sad.
Rachna is feeling weird as she is wearing a small skirt chaya encourages her saying she has a great figure which makes girls jealous and guys check her out . Rachna is scared she will be late but reaches exactly on time and the coach is happy that everyone is on time. He announces the position what the girls will play he gives rachna defense. Rachna is unhappy and goes to the coach saying she can attack well. Coach asks her who is the coach then holds her hand and takes her to the exact position she will be playing.

Charu s mom gives few dates which she says are auspicious and are next month. (why do they want the marriage so soon) . Shayl says that dayal and mayank dad need to discuss and only then dates can be finalized. Charu s mom agrees but hints that they should choose between the next month dates.

Rachna ends up falling and gets hurt. The coach does not bother and tells her to learn how to hold the hockey stick right he turns the upside down stick and leaves.(hope their relation goes the bend it like beckham way )

Rachna comes home and is happy that mayank and charu are about to get married she teases both of them . Before going charu gives mayank a pendant which has pictures of both of them and sings hum tum ek pendent mein band ho

rachna in the room trying to dress her wound and dayal enters. Her hockey stick is lying outside rachna is shocked
PRECAP: gunjan and mayank on terrace. Gunjan is angry he holds her hand she tries to escape and ends up breaking a pot. The noise results in dayal and dholu coming upstairs. They see the mess and look around. Mayan holding each other and hiding while dholu is close by.

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