Punar Vivah 30th August 2012 Written Episode

Pankaj and yash discussing about work just then vidhi comes she says work can be done later have tea its your fav ginger tea vidhi asks hows it and u cant talk to me in front of everyone but tell me here na tell me how aarti cheated u yash says aarti ji knows it vidhi shouts his name as yash goes away pankaj then shouts on her he says what was the need to talk this in morning u stop taking her side vidhi says i am not on her side but till then he has left aarti listens to this vidhi says aarti that aarti says u don’t worry if i have done any mistake and yash ji is angry about that my god will punish me and god will also help me to correct my mistake also she says i wont loose and goes (where is pari Ermmis scithiya house so far that she needs more then two days to return and family is not even botheredLOL)

[palak ansh scene]
they are stealing money from locker bua sees this she says wow what is our nawabzada doing he is stealing my gods promise your from small house u will show your colors na

[hall scene]
Cas enters he is shouting he says why didn’t u tell me about the design rejection pankaj says becoz the prob was solved yash was there when i was talking he said he will do the designs again and Cas says good he will be busy now just then bua comes with ansh aarti asks what happened bua says u child tried to steal money from my bros locker and aarti says why did u both steal money kids and bua says only ansh aarti says pls bua children mindset is very sensitive don’t use thief word bua says u could not handle your house u telling me and bua goes and tells to Cas she says today he this in house tommorow he may steal somewhere else palak says bua but i gave ansh keys bua says see bro one dirty fish makes the whole water dirty and she says punish him then Cas asks ansh but he does not speak bua says he is like his mom only they will; die but wont tell truth aarti says pls let him explain but bua says see bro u always tell i ma wrong she is trying to cover his stealing his lie and all Cas goes near ansh and asks its wrong to touch someones money he then calls palak also and asks her why they needed so much money palak says we wanted to give money to tanny uncle Cas asks who is he palak says he is a magician he will make are dad good ansh says we did a mistake na we were going to tell u they both hold ears and says sorry and Cas hugs him cas says children are gods roop and he says u are worrying about your dad na god will listen to you he will make your dad well they both smile and go away near aarti kids say dad will become well and he wont even be angry on u and aarti hugs them she folds her hands and thanks Cas tells vidhi to take the kids into room Bua is about to leave but Cas stops her he says kids minds are not dirty we have such minds i want shanti and i don’t want u all do do anything wrong which will effect kids mind (LOLi love u Cas for this just kick her out nowAngry)


aarti praying to god she says i dunno if my decision is right or wrong but i trust u and so i have decided to send my kids away pls support me in this Cas is standing behind and even G3 is there he asks what decision have u taken she says i hope u both support me she says the situation of house effects kids mind u were right she says kids are afraid of yash ji i don’t want them to get scared of yash ji today they stole money its become necessary to keep them away from this ambiance and even they have exams coming up and she says i have decided to go to moms place with kids

Part 3

Cas says u didnt take this decision under pressure na aarti denies she say no body told me i know no one is angry on me they are just angry becoz of the condition she says it will be good if i am away for a while even yash ji cant control his anger its possible that if a stay away from him his condition may improve she says give me the permission G3 says u go and take ansh he wont live without u but palak payal will live here

Precap- bua says you r running away from your responsibilities?
Aarti says no I’m leaving with the hope that when I return, I can return with the house’s happiness.

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