Punar Vivah 3rd September 2012 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location:Yash’s house
Vidhi has an Argument with pankaj again about aarti being innocent or not.He is extremely angry at vidhi taking aarti’s side even when circumstances show otherwise.A disturbed vidhi on her way out sees yash in the children’s room and immersed in their things.She comments to yash that if he’s missing the kids so much then he should go and get them.But yash walks off angrily saying that since baba has sent them,then only he will get them whenever he likes and walks off.A disturbed vidhi tries to console him but in vain.While setting things in the kids’ almirah,she comes across some pictures of aarti with aman,and is surprised that aarti,for whom she went against her own husband,did not tell her this despite telling everything else.Just thn she gets a call from bhanwari,who enquires about yash’s condition and is told by vidhi that yash is still very upset at something that happned between thm in mumbai.Bhanwari says that she might know what’s bothering him,and that aarti did not do right with yash.On vidhi’s asking she goes on to tell the story of something that happned a night when it was fiercely raining.Hearng the whole thing,even vidhi is convinced that aarti is to blame for yash’s condition.

Scene 2:
Location: Aarti’s house
Aman explaains to aarti that maybe yash is upset about what happened that rainy night .Aarti tries to defend saying that yash is not the doubting types and that he would never think about her wife like that.She goes on to further add that she didint even pay attention to this story as she did not really find it or its consequences worth mentioning as she knew that she and aman are just friends and that she has nothing to hide.Aman goes on to explain that yash has fallen in love with aarti and therefor has grown possessive of her and so was upset when he must have seen his beautiful wife with another man,and any normal man in such a sutuation would have doubted.In fact,now that they know what’s bothering him,they should go back to his place and clear the confusion.Her mother too supports aman’s descision to clear this misunderstanding for her life,her marriage,her kids and even for the sake of her love.But aarti isscared that if yash sees him again he would again get angry.But aman convinces her otherwise and gets her to go.

Scene 3:
Location:Yash’s house
Pankaj and prateik try to cheer up yash and have some one on one time with him to get him to speak up with them.They arrange for drinks and make jokes about stealing it from their dad’s closet and try to engage him in the conversation.But he is lost in his own thoughts.

Scene 4:
Location:On the road
Aarti is being convinced by aman in the car that what they are doing is right.She has doubts about the whole idea of going to yash to clear the misunderstanding.But aman holds her hand and sings hr a song and cheers her up and tells her not to be scared in love.Meanwhile yash’s father,mother and buaji pass by in another car.Buaji sees aman and aarti together and misinterprets their talk and tries to instigate yash’s parents against aarti once again.but with her pas,yash’s father asks her to devote her mind into other stuff and not always think about trying to put aarti down.Buaji fumes within herself that for aarti,her own brother turns against her,but waits patiently that one day he would understand her intentions behind it.

Scene 5:
Location: Yash’s house
Pankaj tries to closen up to yash and goes on rambling about his own life and the way it is messed up ever since he got married and fell n love with vidhi.After going on about his marital discord,he tries to concoct the truth out of yash,behind his anger towards arti as to what happened in mumbai.he keeps pestering.Yash walks up to go,but he them emotionally blackmails him about him being the brother who would do anything to see a smile on his brother’s face.Finally sick of being pestered,he goes on to break the glass of whiskey and starts telling them about that rainy night and has flashbacks of a happy aarti enjoying the rain.He gets upset agin and the screen freezes.

Precap: Vidhi confronts aarti with her pics with aman and tells her that she indeed is the cause for yash’s condition today and that she was a fool to have stood up for her.

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