Balika Vadhu 4th September 2012 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
The episode starts with jagiya getting into a scuffle with people who mistook him for a beggar and then he remembers his condition and what events led to it.He then thinks that after hurting his family and leaving everybody for his selfish motives he deserves a life that’s worse than the gutter he’s lying next to.He remembers how he had insulted his parents when they had come to mumbai,how he had behaved rudely with basant and gehna when they had come home for the first time,also remembers bade papa’s words about bhairo being a very kind and noble soul who supported gauri despite everything.He feels sorry that he misunderstood his father when he did not say anything about his help to them even after being rebuked by him and gauri time and again.He therefore thinks he has deserved this life where not just love,he is not entitled to sympathy either.He cries out in frustration and falls on the ground in tears.Just then he feels a loving dadisa’s hand on his head who seems to have forgiven all of his faults and urges him to come home and starts walking.When he asks her to wait up for him,he finds that he had indeed been hallucinating.But this gives him an idea that if dadisa forgives him,then eventually everybody in the family will also accept him and everything will be alright again.He therefore decides to go home and start his life afresh.

Scene 2
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Dadisa gets off the phone and iravati and tells bhairo that they have invited anandi alone for lunch with them so that she can feel free to talk with them and the couple also has some alone time to spend to be able to getting to know each other.Bhairo and gehna are happy but dadisa is concerned that iravati’s wish is alright and would have been okay in cities but in village,everybody would make an issue out of anandi going to meet shiv before marriage to which gehna says that whole of shiv’s family would be there to chaperone them so they wouldnt be alone.Bhairo too butts in saying that they have to think about their daughter and not of the society.And that she has to spend time with them and particularly shiv so that she accepts him truly and not just go through this for her mother.Dadisa starts thinking.

Scene 3:
Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Shiv comes out of his room seeing preparations in full swing for anandi’s lunch with them that day.he is pleasantly informed that today all of the dishes are made to anandi’s liking.The male members joke about the ladies putting them also to work in the household chores.Shiv enters the kitchen to see whats going on,he sees iravati and meenu cooking food.He takes a look at the dishes and asks about the desserts,on being informed that its gulab jamun he goes on to tell that anandi likes jalebi.When he sees them getting amused at his talking about anandi,he scurries off from there on the pretext of getting jalebis for her.

Scene 4:
Location: On a road in mumbai
A lifeless gauri is walking on the road remembering how jagat had proposed for the first time and how he had his final confrontation with her.She starts crying and then faints on the road.

Scene 5:
Location:SNG hospital in mumbai
Gauri wakes up in the hospital with her parents by her side.The doctor informs her that she was brought over here after she fainted on the road,with the help of her id card.When asked what happend to her,she’s congratulated by the doctor on her being pregnant.Everybody is stunned and worried hearing this.The doctor leaves.Her mother immediately starts advising her that its a sign that she has conceived.The child would bring the two of you togetehr despite your differences and you would be able to start a new life as parents of this child forgetting about everything in the past.She urges her to give her the phone so that she can call jagiya and tell him of this news,but then gauri stops her saying that,that would happen only when they have a child,and goes on to ramble in angr that she doesnt want the baby or rather anything that has any connection with jagat whatsoever.She asks her not to say anything to jagat.And ends up in tears.her mother is horrified to hear this.The screen freezes on gauri’s face.

Underlying Message: Anguish leads to ego and eats away on a person’s rational thinking.Even the most favourable of situations are conceived to be bad.

Precap: A battered dishevelled jagiya is about to enter the havli,but is stopped by bhairo and is reprimanded for his reason to come here,for money or some other evil plan he has concocted with gauri.He gets in dadisa’s feet and begs her and bhairo to give him just one more chance.

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