Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 6th September 2012 Written Episode

shayl breaks down mayank consoles her. Rachna is frustrated and shares it with gunjan. Gunjan says that her father will support her in the end. Shayl over hears and wipes her tears and explains in the end he is her father so he will understand. Gunjan goes to take water mayank asks her how is rachna gunjan does not talk nicely and come back to the room. Both the girls lying on bed and thinking about their respective loves . Mayank also lost in all the moments spent with gunjan and how seema likes charu.

Gunjan is getting ready to go to college but rachna does not want to go. Shayl enters and asks why she dint get ready yet rachna says what will dad say. Dayal enters and says she can go to college on only one condition that she cant play hockey. Confused. He says if the college is not ready then go to another coll if that s not possible then sit at home for one year. Dayal tells gunjan that due to the riots she should think about changing her western clothes and leaves. Shayl tells rachna to get dressed.

Chaya gunjan rachna reach college. Gunjan is the only girl in western clothes. Gunjan and chaya get into a debate when chaya says she threw her jeans. Gunjan talks about constitutional rights about freedom. Rachna comes near hockey ground and has a flash back of her game when she wore a saree . She turnscme rajeev sir is standing behind Day Dreaming

rachna thanks rajeev for saving her and says that he has asked for security so the goons wont trouble them. then he tells that he will see in the field after class. Rachna tells that she cant come on the field and play hockey from now. Gunjan and chaya over hear and are shocked. Gunjan tries to reassure everything will be all right. Gunjan says she is with her and she can go to any limits to fulfill rachna s dream. Rachna does not relent and says lets meet after class walks with chaya.

PRECAP: rachna and gunjan go and talk to the teachers in college about their rights to wear western clothes. The female teacher disagrees but rajeev sir says he will support the girls.

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