Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th September 2012 Written Episode

In Dubai, Rajat will be walking towards cady’s room and dhai ja stops him and asks him whether he is going to meet cady. Rajat says yes. Till now I never thought that I was hurting her with my rude behavior. She used to bring her trophy and wait near my study room but I never cared her. And when she fells down I never felt hurt. And now I am feeling guilty about it. If pooja hasn’t come into my life then I would have never realized these feelings again. Dhai ja consoles him and asks him to talk politely. Rajat nods and heads towards cady. There he finds cady is no where. Rajat calls dhai ja and tells cady is not here. Dhai ja says she was here itself from longtime but dint see cady here.

In Mumbai, ram stands in front of priya’s picture and thinks on. Ram says, priya everything is same as you have left. Nothing has been changed. Now you are free from the jail. Your innocence has been proved. I wish you could hold my hand but you cant. But I can feel you very much today. In Dubai, priya and peehu come back home. Rajat calls priya and enquires about cady and tells cady is missing. Priya tells she would inform him if cady comes to her place. Priya hangs on.

Peehu asks priya to switch on the tv and priya does. Priya finds ram in a press conference saying that his former wife priya ram kapoor is innocent and it has been proved. Priya’s eyes fills with tears and thinks love can lessen, improves etc but never dies. Peehu comes there and finds ram on tv and yells golu uncle so priya switches off the tv. Peehu asks why she has switched off. Priya tells as you are not feeling well and if you watch tv you will get ill again then mama will make you drink the magical water. Do you wanna drink it? Peehu replies no I don’t want. Peehu leaves. Priya thinks its time to reveal the secret between her and ram should be told to peehu. So priya goes to peehu where she will be playing with tiger and lying on bed. Priya says, peehu every time you used to ask me who is my father and what is his name. do you want to know about him now? Peehu nods as yes. Priya says, your father is a great person. He is really a good person. And you know what is his name? door bell rings so priya goes and opens the door. Its rajat. Priya welcomes him in. rajat says he is feeling bad that cady is still missing. Priya consoles him. Rajat gets a call that cady has taken a cab from some where. So rajat rushes from there.

Ram in his room standing near a window and its raining. Nats come there. Both feel bad that they are missing priya very badly. Ram consoles nats if priya has hid the secret of her abortion then he too shall not bother about it. Nats hugs ram. Nats and karthik in sharma’s house. Nats will be crying and pleading karthik to talk to her. Karthik after a while says, nats I was angry with you till last moment but now I can see tears of guilt and sadness in your eyes. Its our problem and we both shall solve it. Don’t worry. Nats feels happy.

Rajat comes home. Rajat tells dhai ja cad has left to India. Dhai ja asks rajat to go to India and convince cady and take her back to Dubai. But rajat says dhai ja India? Dhai ja replies, I know you have left India for jyothi but you should go to India for her daughter. Rajat doubts whether cady gets convinced to come to Dubai again with them or not. Dhai ja says, I know a person whose words cady can never ignore.

Precap: Dhai ja requests priya to come to India with them to convince cady and bring her back. Priya gets worried that after so many days her previous life will be before her.

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