Honge Juda Na Hum 10th September 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Rohan&Muskaan fighting. Muskaan questions rohan that why did he invite her(someone, name not mentioned yet) to the party and rohan tries to explain. Muskaan is carrying a knife in her hand and rohan takes it, they are indulged in arguing when rohan brings knife near muskaan and police spots them. They come over and grab rohan, he tries to tell that she is his wife and it’s her birthday and that they were only fighting. Muskaan uses this opportunity to be tease him and the police thinks it’s a case of domestic violence. Before they could take him away muskaan tells that she is his wife. Rohan taunts her saying that she was getting entertained when he was almost gonna get arrested. They fight again and muskaan never wants to speak to him again. They go back to their house. Where muskaan gets a surprise mini party from her family members. She cuts the cake, bhabi asks her to feed rohan but she prefers giving the first bite to chintu & she refuses to feed rohan. Muskaan’s mother calls and bhabi makes excuse. The family is concerned about their fights increasing day by day, muskaan takes the blame and leaves the main hall. Rohan comes after her & she tells him that this was her worst birthday ever. She enters her room(The room is decorated with balloons & their pictures) Rohan says he did everything for her birthday while she was out. Rohan is angry and he leaves to change.

Muskaan is waiting for him to come out and holds a book(upside down) when he comes out. He quickly guesses that she was waiting for him and they are destined to fight, they have a cute pillow fight. He shows her the painting he worked on for 6months and the pillow fight continues with a song seq(Wada raha sanam followed by honge juda na hum). They sleep together.

The next morning, muskaan’s mother comes over with presents for her. She is not keen on her bring so many things, tara taunts her and asks about last night. Muskaan tells about how good last night was at the restaurant. Tara asks about the fight ans muskaan rubbishes the question. All family comes and greets her, rohan also comes and is surprised to see her. Tara expresses how muskaan doesn’t want to keep those exclusive handmade gifts because rohan fulfills all her wishes. She asks about the fight and rohan said they spent romantic moments last night, just then chintu comes and utters about the fight. Tara doesn’t want to intrude in the fight, she reminds muskaan of the lunch. She tells chintu to wear his best clothes as it’s a huge party and it will be a new experience for all of them(In short she is showing off her money :@). Bhabi indirectly taunts her telling that they know the meaning of huge parties and they work by themselves in all of them. Tara excuses herself because she has a charity function to attend & she loves to give help to the poor. She offers muskaan to come along but rohan has others plans for the day.

Rohan takes her to a beach where they had their first date, he brings candyfloss for her and suggests that they should repeat all the stuff they did on the first date. Rohan wants to eat all the junk food, they walk towards the food stalls. Muskaan stops in the middle when some school kids come running to the beach. One of them falls of the floor and muskaan runs to help her. Rohan turns back and watched muskaan with the kid, she questions her that why does she keep on repeating this again and again. She has to move on, muskaan starts crying, she thinks it’s easy for rohan to forget. But rohan expresses that even he is broken from inside but life has to go on and they have to leave the pass aside and move on. Muskaan misunderstands him because he doesn’t wine over what happened in the accident. Rohan wants her support to forget their past and keep on going with their relation otherwise their lives will stop their. Muskaan shouts on him for starting discussion on this topic, she asks him to drop her home. Rohan asks when will she consider his house as her own and not her mom’s, it’s been 5 years of their marriage and she’s still stuck in her past. He asks her to choose either him or her past and decide it right now because he can’t stand being in the past and present together.

Precap: Rohan & muskaan in separate cars, they talk to each other over the phone and says sorry. Rohan confesses his love and their cars have an accident. [I’m not so sure if they collided with each other

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