Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 12th September 2012 Written Episode

Short Update

gunjan comes to mayank s room to give him sweets which shayl sent. He tries to hold her hand she resists. Shayl drops in sees both of them crying but gunjan covers it up saying she s laugh at mayank s jokes so she has tears in her eyes.

Rachna is sad and folding her sports outfit dholu comes in and drags her to the hall.Rajeev has come home to talk to dayal. Dayal says he knows that if rachna does not play her admission will get cancelled. Rajeev explains that rachna is a very good player and they have a match tomorrow. Dayal says he came for his own needs. Rajeev explains that this match wil get national exposure bring name etc he questions dayal but Rachna steps in and says that her father s decision is also hers.dayal walks away arrogantly rachna goes in crying . Gunjan is angry with rachna. The coach explains shayl that she is her mom.
The coach is angry and smashing balls while a student asks him why he gave up his family etc for coaching girls who might get married anytime and leave.
Shayl tries to explain dayal that she wants rachna to play but dayal is adamant and does not relent.

PRECAP: rachna s team mates have come home and taunt her that she ditched them etc rachna and shayl sad

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