Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th September 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with RK being taken to the police station for questioning, and Sandhya supports and praises the works of policemen. Sandhya says it is a matter of 1 or 2 hour, and if we people do not assist policemen, then who will? RK goes with police, Bhabo mildly scolds Sandhya saying had RK been present, the work of shop could have been lessened.

Sandhya is confused at the kitchen, and Ankita comes to help her, praises her attitude to eagerly learn everything and says each and every person has an individuality of his/her own and each of us are unique.

Sandhya is still thinking about terrorist, and how to identify them among innocent persons. Ankita says Sandhya’s brain is still working as IPS officer and so she can see the sparks of her dream inside her, though that has rusted a bit.

Sandhya seemed to have picked up a clue with Ankita’s words and runs to make a phone call. At the Police station, everyone is being questioned and checked, including RK as well. Then the promo thing happens, with Sandhya rushing to the police station to inform DSP that Chaturi has been found out, and is now recuperating at the hospital.

RK rushes out to make phone call, but he gets the message–> Service unavailable everytime he makes a call. He tries from a PCO, but gets the same message. So, he decides to go to the hospital himself.

RK steps into the well-laid trap by Sandhya and police, and goes to the hospital, sees Sandhya sitting in a ward with someone dressed up as Chaturi (RK assumes her as Chaturi) and waits outside. In the meantime, he overpowers a doc and wears his clothes, so that no one suspects him. RK goes to the ward, and sees Sandhya leaving, enters after she has left and was making an injection ready, when Sandhya enters and asks him to look the patient carefully. RK sees that patient has no drips attached, and shocked to find that he was honey-trapped by the police, and police surrounds him.

RK escapes from hospital inspite of best efforts of police and Sandhya. Sandhya at least caught RK two times, I still don’t know whether she has managed to recognise RK as his face was covered by mask, and still he managed to give Sandhya and everyone the slip. Runs away by jumping through an open window.

Sandhya and RK running in the streets, with Sandhya throwing a tyre at RK, banging his head in earthen pots and beating him mercilessly.

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