Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha 18th September 2012 Written Episode

Mohan sitting in front of idol lost in FB’ when his phone starts ringing. He picks up and says “sacchi”. He gets happy, touches the idol and leaves. Doctor looking at Megha’s scan/x-ray reports. Addu and Nanhi crying and Jiji pacifying them. Indu comes and sits besides them. Nanhi brings a glass of water for Indu and calls her aunty. Indu tells her that she is her Dadi as she is Spiderman’s mother. Nanhi asks her Dadi not to worry as her Monu take care of everything as always.

Mohan comes running and asks Guru for Megha. Everyone sitting around Megha when Mohan walks in. Megha asks him where he was and why is he staring at her this way? Mohan says he twas worried that something will happen to her. Megha says “so that you can enjoy?” Megha says “your luck is not so good Mr. Bhatnagar.” Megha scolds him for not taking first aid. Mohan puts his head on her and sobs.

Mohan asks theDoctor if Megha is fine and if he can take her home. He says there is an odd smell in the hospital and he will take good care of her at home. He asks Megha to tell the Doctor that she wants to leave asap. Mohan senses there is something wrong as Doctor remains silent. He picks up both of Megha hands one by one and both fall down without any response. Mohan asks the Doctor what happened to Megha. Doctor says quadriplegia i.e. neck down paralysis. Doctor says that Megha would never be able to get up. Everyone shocked.

Mohan takes the Doctor outside and tells her to explain again as he cannot understand. Doctor says Megha has spinal & brain injury and she doesn’t have any sensation neck down. Doctor says Megha would never be able to move again. Mohan asks how long will it take for her to get allright. Doctor says they can treat quadriplegia but there is no cure for it. Mohan shouts at the Doctor and aks her not to give up on Megha as she needs to get well again. He asks if Megha can be treated in Mumbai or even USA. Mohan says he and Megha got married after a lot of problems. He says what will Addu and Nanhi do. Doctor assures Mohan that she will do her best and asks him to trust her. Nanhi asks Mohan why he broke his promise.

Nanhi says she knows that something very bad happened to her mother which is why everyone is hiding it from her. Nanhi asks Mohan why he broke his promise. Mohan shocked. FIL tries to pacify Nanhi. Renu comes and says she will take the kids home. FIL wonders how to make the kids understand about their mothers condition.

Megha asks Jiji how Mohan will handle everything. She wonders how would Nanhi & Addu handle this. MIL asks FIL not to give hope. Jiji tells Megha that NA are in the waiting room. Megha says she knows that her life will now be like this. Jiji asks her to think well. Jiji says you are brave.
FIL says no point thinking as she cannot get well. Mohan says she will get well. FIL asks her who will cure her? You? Mohan says I know you are mad at me but from now for the kids I will be Megha and Spiderman.
He says as for Megha she will be absolutely fine. He says she has to get better without a choice.

Precap: Mohan taking care of Megha, sending Nanhi and Addu to school. Addu and Mohan shaking hands. Megha happy seeing all this.

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