Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th September 2012 Written Episode

Sandhya with other police officers chasing RK (unknown terrorist for them) all over the place rapidly.Tongue Tries to stop him by throwing tyre, hanging bullock cart on the other end as he fumbles and his leg gets hurt. He then again manages to escape and catches a lorry/tempo.. Officers stop there as they couldn’t near him.ConfusedOuch

Officers with DSP and Sandy in police office discussing the incident as DSP recalls Sandy’s plan of tricking the terrorist but all feel bad as they missed it.ConfusedOuch Other polices say they have to stop the festival going on in temple tomorrow to get rid off blasting but Sandy raises that they have to find the terrorist at any cost tomorrow as they only want to create fear in people’s mind hence they should not be given another chance.Big smile

DSP alerts other officers that Sandy is right in her regard and they have to stop the act at any cost but not step back with fear.Thumbs Up All of them agree.Big smile
DSP thinks about any clue of the terrorist as when Sandy says he was hit by cart which she used to stop him and it takes another 10-15 for it to cure.Wink

DSP informs everyone to be alert tomorrow to stop the blasting and find the person behind it. Big smile RK talks over phone with his mate regarding the incident and says they have to blast at any cost and this wound cannot stop him from doing this.ShockedConfused

Rathi family waiting for Sandy for lunch worried.Confused Sooraj is tensed and they see Sandy coming. Bhabo questions about Sandy’s where about’s all these while, members question her but she remains tensed and silent. OuchSooraj says she must have informed them and gone any where, they are all concerned about her as they are already tensed with Chaturi’s missing and dono’t want any other bad to happen.ConfusedConfused Sandy recalls DSP words that says she must not reveal any details regarding this to any one including her husband.ShockedOuch

Sandy remains silent. Bhabo taunts her.Sleepy RK comes in giving pooja things for tomorrows preparations to Bhabo. His while pajama is spot with blood (oh boy you are so intelligent and how did you miss this RK?Wacko) Sandy takes over the work from Bhabo saying she must be tired.Embarrassed Bhabo notices her Saadi torn some where and scolds if she again tried to do some action work outside.ConfusedROFL Bhabo asks RK to have lunch and go. RK feels pain in his leg but still manages to sit down unnoticed with the blood spot on his pant. Sandy nearing him with food.Shocked

RK fixing bomb in Chotu’s kurta saying plan one did not work so he cannot kill Chaturi hence he had to use Chotu for plan two killing young boy.ConfusedConfused

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