Pavitra Rishta 19th September 2012 Written Episode

Part 1:
Episode starts with archu tells ovi wht r u doing? Why r u throw my sarees? Archu sees one saree she take that saree. Ovi ask wht happen. Archu says this saree is very spl for me She tells manav gave me this saree then so many thing but this saree is very spl for me. Ovi get emotional to listen wht archu told her. Archu sees ovi face & she is slightly upset then archu ask to her wht happen? Ovi tells that u & baba love each other so much. She tells me & arjun…!! Archu says everything will be fine soon u should try to handle u r relation. Then archu understand her both r smiles. Frm hall Manav calls archana. Archu & ovi comes out frm room. Manav introduce to archana the ganpati decoration organisation. He says they will decorate the ganpati pandal. One person ask manav that wht is u r buget for ganpati celebration. He tells near about 55 lakhs. He tells i want to wear ganpati murti. with so many jewellary. Then the organisation member goes out frm deshmukh house. Archu & manav come in their bedroom. Archu tell u want to do many things to in this ganpati festivals. She tell nw me & aai do rangoli. Manav stops archu & tells her that savita will nt paticipate in this ganpati festival & i also want to she nt attend the festival. Archu says manav that if our relatives r nt there in festivals so how we celebrate festivals. She tells this is right chance to go closer to our relatives.

Part 2: at night sulochana & purvi doing preparations to celebrate ganpati festival. The door bell rings& sulochana go to open door. Manav at the door he tells I know how I collect hope to come here bcoz what my mother did? How I come here. Sulochana invite to come in. sulochana tells I want to tells one things u told in arjun-ovi receptions. (flashback scene between manav & savita manav told her that Everyone moved on but I couldn’t live.. I couldn’t move on that dialogue) She tells then I realise that u & archana should be reunite. She tells I don’t forgot 18 years. Manav tells I will give back 18 years happiness to archana. Purvi tells I will make tea for both og u. manav stop her & says 2mrrow in my house we celebrate the ganpati festival. So I want to u come in my house.Manav says to Purvi that Just like Ovi and Teju got their mother , I want you also to be with your family .Please be a part of my family and move in with us.Purvio looks very surprised but Sulochna has a smile on her face .. Sulochana tells in my house also ganpati bapa come so I can’t come but I will send purvi & aniket there. He tells u called me baba. purvi tells now I got my full family. she tells I can’t come with u bcoz when I come in u r house then who will care the sulochana? sulcoahan tells purvi to go but purvi refuse. purvi tells i will sure come to celebrate ganpati festival after ganpati pooja ends here. manav happy to hear this.

Part 3: At hotel room varsha says how police hit to u without any reason? vishnu tells varsha that purvi save me from police. she hear this & says purvi archu tai beti. vishnu ask her how u know about purvi? she tells purvi deshmukh na so i know about her. he tells i met purvi mother & manav. manav slapped to me. varsha ask why did u went in mandir? he tells i went to hidden me from police but manav slapped me. vishnu tells now 2mrrow is ganpati festival if we will now in our village we should celebrate the gapati festival. varsha tells here in mumbai ppl are celebrate ganpati festival hugely. At moring varsha & vishnu walking. he tells we are not get any ganpati murati here. he tells varsha u r tired now u plz stop here. suddenly manav, archana, teju, sachin, damodar come. sachin take ganpati baapa murti. they are goes to their house. varsha sees & she tense & says to herself that why destiny always meet me to archana & manav.

Precap: at outside in sachin hands ganpati baapa murati is there. he suddenly get slip but vishnu come & he put his hands on ganpati baapa murati. he save to fall down ganpati baapa murati.(Statue) all are looking at vishnu.

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