Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha 26th September 2012 Written Episode

sanjay ordered renu to leave the house and family.
renu sayid u know that i love all of very much..and how much i take care of every one.
my dai rise after seeing MIL FIL face.

sanjay said stop nonsense otherwise i slap you.MIL stop him doing so ..she is your wife.
sanjay before her hubby frist i am son of yours brother of Amar.
its good i sent tanu to the hostel.otheirwise he would have been spoiled with such mother.

renu confess about her mistakes and give explanation that she did all this things to get attetion of MIL FIL she said i was
feel jealous of megha…she want to make new start ..sanjay said go from aways right now she left.

Sanjay apologized to FIL but no respnse from him then mohan said to FIL to repeat the same what he had done to forgive him.

FIL pat mohan & hug sanjay on his word.

In hospital megha suffered a sudden stroke and JIJI called everyone, doctor came and instructed nurse to put her on oxygen.
Doctor inquired mohan about the sudden shock of something. Mohan tried to explain but doctor reminded him to not to have any shock to
her, then mohan looked at megha and said you scare us, and said now onwards kids are on me and you have nothing to worry about them.

MIL is so worried about megha jiji handled the situation by saying that there is one human being in the world who loves her very much
worship her and just because of him she will be cured.

in car indu and AB ..indu says how can you bargain deal with your son AB said he only gave him offer and he accepted it as a deal, he
was happy about the quality of mohan of being good opprtunity graber.

Indu complained about the deal of sacrificing his sons principles and ethics, AB justified that he has not anything but mohan himself has mortgaged it
with him and he will be released as soon as he pays back. Indu argued that he will not let it happen and AB accepted the same and replied that he
will do anything to retain his son with him.

AB pitied about mohan’s condition of being helpless and weak because of megah and also added that he will go to any extent to take away mohan from herself.

Indu explained to him that he has made mistake by interpreting the love of megha as the weakness of mohan, Mohan is so passionate about megha that he will
never forget her and I trust him, just because he loves megha he was ready to sacrifice his principles and ethics.

In hospital megha becomes conscious and sees mohan sleeping on the side of her bed, she recollects the story of bunty told by mohan about his struggle etc.
She tries to move her hand and moves her finger little, mohan gets up and sees this and he feels extremely happy megha sayas i am lost monu said this just beging of winning then he kisses her forehead with joy.
and said i will call doctor.

mohan goes in play kun fayaa…mohan bowed dargah

Moulvi touched the forehead of monu and says the first prayer to the god doesn’t make difference when it has happened it happened is the important which matters to the god

Moulvi appreciated that his love made him helpless and forced him to worship, monu justified love never makes you helpless.
Moulvi again appreciated his views about the love. moulvi explained to him about the seven steps of love first step initial attraction, respect etc and passion about
the partner was the sixth and moulvi leaving mohan held him and asked about the seventh step he explained “FANAA” to sacrifice your life go beyond the life and love.

Mohan said that there will not be fanna stage in our life my passion will beat the fanna.

precap..megha says to muohan how much u love me…mohan says tired and see my love…megha says switch of this this machine and let me be free and u also be free.

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