Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th September 2012 Written Episode

Adi and Pankuri are in car. Adi buys a bouquet of flowers and gifts Pankuri, says best friend and life-partner, both are different. Pankuri suddenly says what if the same person plays both the roles (i.e. both are one and same person) Heart

Adi says what if it is true in his or her life, and Pankuri turns serious & says she didn’t mean that. Adi laughs and says he enjoy leg-pulling of Pankuri. Pankuri now smiles Smile

Harish & his mom talks about Adi’s impending wedding, and Dadi says she liked the girl, she was too good, and she wondered how Avantika managed to find a girl with so much good values & ethics instilled in her. Harish is puzzled & wondered how could his Mom like Latika, he didn’t know that Pankuri came & not Latika Tongue

Latika & her Mom came to dine with Avantika, and Avantika clears out the matter about Pankuri, says she will only stay here till her internship gets over.Smile

Harish & his mom came, and Harish’s Mom was going to gift a necklace to Pankuri (as a part of Shagun), but got to know of Latika at the last moment, just when she was giving it away to Pankuri, Pankuri introduces Latika, and Dadi is pained to see Pankuri not becoming a match for Adi, her eyes clearly reflect the pain. Maasi, Nana & Harish are in smiles at this misunderstanding, while Avantika is irritated. Latika finally gets that necklace, and she and mom discusses its value and beauty secretly. Smile

Nana & Dadi share a conversation, and Dadi apologizes for the embarrassment. Nana says it is okay, and seeing a good girl like Pankuri, anyone will be obviously mistaken about the fact. They share a light hearted convo, and Dadi says Nana should act before it is too late, as Adi’s life is at stake. She is pained to know that Nana doesn’t like Latika but is going by Avantika’s decision. She also says that poor Adi had never got anyone’s love, too sad for her to see Adi in this state.

On the other hand, Harish is frustrated as he is not getting live updates of match scores. Adi gets an update and is nearby. Harish vents out his frustration, and Adi, seeing that, ttells him the score. They discuss about match, about shoddy bowling and predict scores (280-300), and finally bets against each other. Whoever loses will give a treat to the other person. Adi laughs heartily, and finally their cold vibes are gone. Big smile Smile

Dadi tells Pankuri, on meeting her, that it was a mistake on her part, and says Sorry for the embarrassing situation. Pankuri says it is okay, Dadi further says she should take this as a good sign, a good omen that her marriage will be fixed soon. She wished that Pankuri would get a perfect match, and whoever is wedded to her will be indeed very lucky. Smile

Avantika comes, Dadi inquires about her health and says her choice is okay for Adi. Avantika rudely tells her that her choice is perfect, she has raised Adi, and so she has every right to take all important decision for Adi. No other person has the right.

Avantika questions Adi that why she took Pankuri to Dadi’s place instead of Latika. Adi says Pankuri was unwilling in the 1st place. When Latika refused to go with him, he literally had to force Pankuri to accompany him to Dadi’s place. He asks why his Mom always keeps finding faults in Pankuri when actually she has no faults. Avantika says that fault is in him, that he is marrying someone and roaming with another lady all the time.

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