Hitler Didi 26th September 2012 Written Episode

The show begins in Mumbai Zara thinking whatever she did for the ppolice force this is the rewards she got today she ‘s dismissed.She thinks she can go to any extent for the sake of Indu and is thinking why is she so worried and caring for Indu.She thinks Indu was right to say she’ll be thinking of her after she left.
In Delhi Khan is in SN playing with the toy containing with the chip.Indu comes with a box of firework and Khan asks today is not Divali so why this firework and Indu says because India won.
Khan tells Indu that he got a place to stay and tells her it is the Barsaati.
Sweta comes and tells him it is time for his dressing and he leaves with Sweta.
The phones rings and Indu answers, it is Zara who’s really worried for her she asks Indu how she’s is?she says she’s fine and Zara asks her if ever she met with someone during her journey to Mumbai in the train or on the street or may be in the airport.Indu tells her what a strange quest as everywhere there’s lots of person.
Indu tells her to think well but she says no one can harm her as she’s the little Hitler.
In the same time someone is watching Indu from behind and a blast happens in SN.Zara gets more worried not able to here Indu voice anymore.

Everyone in SN are shocked with the blast and they begin to search for Indu as everywhere is full of smokes and ashes.Indu comes outside and tells Sweta she’s here.Sweta tells her to get ready as she needs to leave for Bhopal for a race competition.Kutumbh asks Indu and Seher if this blast is not due to their mischief they say they don’t know anything about it.Indur singing comes from inside and Kutumbh suspects him but he says he’s not responsible for it.Munna also asks Indur and they keep on discussing when Sweta stops them.
Indu and seher are going towards Indu room for her packing.
Sweta and Kutumbh are in the kitchen both complaining about all the damages happened due to the blast.Zara calls Sweta to know about Indu.
Indu and Seher enter in Indu room and are shocked to see the room in a mess and a thief.They both shout out loudly “thief” and Sweta does not answer Zara phone which rendered her more anxious.Indu and Seher try to catch the thief who is able to run away after pushing away both Seher and Indu.The latter runs after the thief but Khan stops her.Rishi comes and is angry with Sweta but Khan tells him to calm down and to talk nicely with Indu.
Indu tells them a thief enters her room and asks them to follow her,in her room.
sweta tells what is all this happening and begins to put the room in order.

Sweta after all done is sitting on the bed doing some other stuff whereas Indu and Seher are sitting on the carpet and Indu is trying to repair the toy containing the chip.Khan comes and kisses both girls and Indu tells him that she bought the toy in Mumbai and has not played enough with it.
Khan is holding Indu while Rishi enters and sees them he feels weird,but does not say anything.Sweta suggests to put away all Indira stuffs,Rishi gets angry and says not to put away but to collect all Indira stuffs.
Rishi is collecting all Indira stuffs with pain in the barsaati while Zara is preparing to leave for Delhi.She takes her gun together and thinks how the ACP told her all were only a drama but she’s still a cop under cover to go to Delhi and to save Indu.
Indu takes her bag and is leaving while Rishi takes Indira stuff and is leaving the barsaati. with a picture of Indira in his hand.

PRECAP:Sweta meets Rishi in the barsaati and tells him it is time that he let’s go of Indira for her soul to RIP and gives her a garland to put on her picture.Rishi puts the garland and the garland falls down.Rishi is shocked.Both Rishi and Indira are seen in split screen.

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