Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 1st October 2012 Written Episode

Part 1

Nidhi thanks Ashu for the chance.. and says that he finally made her a Doc! AshNi hug! Nidhi asks Ashu to come along with her! Ashu asks where? Nidhi says where she wants to take him! The duo arrive at a temple! Ashu is taken aback! Nidhi says that since she was worried about Ashu losing his repute coz of a possible failure of the CM’s operation, she kept a Mannat! Nidhi asks if Ashu is offended coz being a Doc, she still kept a Mannat? Ashu says ‘Nidhi u lovely, sweet, genius idiot’ .. and shares that he too had kept a Mannat! Nidhi cant believe it and Ashu says .. as her hubby he had asked a Mannat that the day she becomes full fledged Doc, they would come there! Nidhi teases saying he must be asking Mannat for all interns then and Ashu says.. he never asks for Mannat, he asked it for her..and he never asks for other interns! Ashu walks in a huff and Nidhi calls out and hugs him and Ashu smiles and then says.. this is the place to worship and not display love! AshNi arrive at the temple.. pray and come out after seeking blessings! Nidhi tells Ashu that she is ready to be a full fledged Doc but is worried if she can carry off this huge resp.! Ashu says he has full faith in her and that one day she will be a very big Doc .. and a reputed one!

A few people are chasing a kid and she is running! AshNi watch the commotion! The girl hides and the people chasing her cannot locate her! The people ask Nidhi if she has seen them and Nidhi sees the girl n the girl signals her not to tell and she says she has not seen her! Ashu asks Nidhi hat happened and she says there was a girl who ran off after stealing! The duo head off in their car! Nidhi wonders how a small girl can steal .. and from face looked from a good family! Ashu says it could be coz of environment! Nidhi says its duty of parents to ensure kids have good future! Ashu says if she is orphan we cant blame anyone! Nidhi cell rins.. its Anjie and Nidhi apologises for not being able to come! Nidhi says they are coming and she has a good news! Anjie asks if she is preggers and Nidhi says..only that cannot be a good news! AshNi arrive at Solanki house! Anjie greets them! AshNi bring get well soon flowers for Solanki!

The door opens after AshNi enter! AshNi give Solanki flowers and card and Solanki is delighted! Ashu apologises for not being able to come earlier.. Nidhi too apologises! Ashu tries to explain the exigency and Shyama says no need to say sorry and that they knew the issue! Solanki says Anjie is his med and till she stays tehre he will be fine! Shyama notices Anjie feeling irked! Shyama says that kids have their own life and they too have to make their own home! Suddenly there is anoise and Nidhi looks outside the bedroom! She asks Anjie if there is someone in the house and Anjie says no! Nidhi says she felt she saw someone! Ashu says that best med is rest and no stress along with diet food and loss of weight! Nidhi again feels there is someone lurking outside..! She looks out!

AshNi arrive home and Kaka asks them to get fresh for ! BB says that he has gone to sleep! Nidhi calls out. .who is there? She goes to look outside the window and Ashu asks the matter! Nidhi says she felt she saw someone .. like she felt at Anjies place! Ashu says it could be her misunderstanding! Ashu asks her to go to sleep! AshNi are in their room and Nidhi is lost in thots and Ashu asks the matter! Nidhi says she felt she saw someone.. but doesnt know who! Ashu says she is just imagining! He says that she is reacting in such a way coz of stress! Ashu asks her to go to sleep as they have to go early for operation! Ashu tells Nidhi to come to the hosp at ease or she will keep looking around!

Its nite and Nidhi hears noise of things falling! She goes to check and comes to the kitchen! She finds a bowl thrown at the floor of the kitchen! She looks outside the kitchen window but sees no one! Suddenly there is another vessel falling and Nidhi hears the sound of cat! Ashu comes to Nidhi and asks what happened! Ashu says its a cat and she got scared! He asks Nidhi to go and sleep and takes her along!

Part 2

Next day morning Nidhi tries to wake Ashu up and asks him to get up fast or he will get late! Ashu wakes up and asks her why she got up so early? Nidhi says that since Kaka left early in the morning with BB so she got up and cooked breakfast for him! Nidhi turns to leave and Ashu pulls her and says her hand does so many things.. making breakfast for him and saving the life of the CM! Nidhi asks Ashu if she is good cook or a better Doc?! Ashu says that a hubby is crazy about her cooking sills and a Senior doc is crazy about her operating skills! He teases her saying that the day she starts to use her cooking skills in the Operation and Operating skills in cooking, it will be a mess! Nidhi pulls Ashu and says that if he keeps saying dialogues he will get late and asks him to get ready! Ashu walks n then stops and comes and says that after he leaves, Nidhi should try and relax.. even better try to sleep and come to the hosp only when her sleep is complete so that she does not see things that don’t exist! Ashu snuggles Nidhi and Nidhi pushes him and asks him to go and get ready!

Nidhi is watching Golmaal-1 and there is ring of the door bell! She opens the door but there is no one! Nidhi is taken aback!

Part 3

Nidhi comes to the hall and sees chocolates, cookies and then runs to the kitchen which is in a mess! She sees pieces of chocolates and ice creams all on the floor! She wonders who did it? She asks out who is there?

Nidhi comes to her room and is pacing around! Nidhi self thot that its not her illusion, there is someone . .and she resolves that she has to find out who it is. .but wonders .. how to do it?

Precap — Ashu asks Nidhi how she got late? Nidhi starts to explain! There is a call and Nidhi says its an emergency and she has to go! Ashu watches smilingly!

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