Punar Vivah 1st October 2012 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s house
The episode starts with yash asking her if she’s pregnant and there’s a shock registerd on her face.She remmebers yash’s angry behaviour since that night.He continues asking her the same and asks her the reason for tying four knots when she had three children and tells her that they can never fulfill gayatri’s wish and hope she supports him in this descision.They have committted the sin once nd would never do it again.Saying so,he leaves.Finally she musters up the courage to think that she let go of such an oppurtunity to tell yash and that she would have to tell him asap.

Scene 2:
Location: Yash’s house
Arti is brought by prateik in the kitchen to discuss yash’s surprise bday party and are teased that they should do it this time or else next year arti would be too busy with a kid to be handling a party.Prateik takes up th menu and decorations,vidhi the guest list,the children take over the food and arti is given the responsibility of choosing the gift.When vidhi tells her to give the most precious and invaluable gift,she goes on to tell how arpita had told yash about her prgnancy with payal on his bday and that he had been very happy.Arti is thinking about the similarities in the situation and comtemplating.

Just then they see yash in the kitchen and they are draeding that he must have heard of the whole plan and would say no to a party but he goes on to say that he had come searching for the maid and prateik sends him to his room.Vidhi tells them that he had actually heard but pretended not to have heard.All fo this change.she credits to arti and thinks that the misunderstandings between them should vanish.

Scene 3:
Location: Yash’s house
While the servant is taking files upto yash’s room,buaji stops him and accidentally notices arti’s medical file and after letting go of the servant,she sees the file and is surprised to see arti’s pregnancy and immediately brightens with an evil plan.

She enters arti’s room adn asks her as to why she hasnt told anybody yet about the baby as the whole family is waiting for yash’s child.She asks her fi she is thinking of abortion and she vehemently denies saying that she has nothing like that on her mind and she loves the unborn baby far too much to think o killing it.She then asks if arti’s scared that one night caused yash to be so upset,this pregnancy news would trigger his mad behaviour again.Arti seems to b finding solace in buaji as she thinks,even if buaji hates her she definitely loves yash and would mean no harm for his child.Once arti reveals her thoughts about yash’s concerns over the pregnancy she reveals her true colors by saying that before arti can cause any more damage to yash’s life and brain,she would have to leave the house along with the menace,thats ansh.She stops her midway saying that she loves yash too much and has always loved and will always continue loving him and has no intentions of leaving the house and yash.But then buaji reminds her of yash’s temperament over on night of passion between them,she puts the idea that this news might jsut unsettle him so much that he might also want to take his life .This has an unnerving effect on arti who says that she would leave with and ansh and this child if that is what it takes to keep him sane and healthy and hearty. She decides to leave after the bday party tomorrow.But buaji tells her that since she had the responsibility of getting the gift,what better gift could she give but leave yash and his life along with ansh and this child for the better on his bday.Saying so she throws the file on her feet and walks off.Arti picks up the file,clutches it and looks at yash’s photo on the mantle with teary eyes.The screen freeezes on her face.

Precap: Yash is thrown a grand bday party where all family of zee tv have gathered to wish him.Arti gets a three tier cake for him.She is worried and shocked when she finds his friends giving him gifts that are generally given to a conceived couple.Yash is also baffled looking at the gifts.

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