Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd October 2012 Written Episode

Scene starts wid Ram & Vikram where he taunts Ram coz he bought some boyish type Toys for Pihu & both then go to Mall for Buying Toys again ,dis time Girly toys, as Vikram said he has Experience wid Her Daughter Riddhima!

Here Neha & Priya discussing about how and what will happen in 1 month or after it? As Neha says Ram must had Appointed Best Lawyer of India to take Custody of Pihu from u ,I know he’s angry but after it what will u do? Priya tensely says her to stop thinking much & she dont want fi8 ,suddenly Pihu enters there & goes Finding Ram’s info card in her Bag to which Priya asked What r u finding baby? Pihu- Uoof Oh! Mamma something is Lost! Golu Uncle’s card is lost! Priya consoles her saying Say Papa and NOT Golu Uncle! Pihu replies- uuff oh! Ok Papa happy? Priya & Neha Smiles and She goes finding Ram’s card in her bag and Priya calls Pihu to take Card.! Pihu hurrily jus goes away but Priya stops her saying she want a HUG From Pihu, to which She hugs Priya & Kisses her ,thanking her goes away while Neha is watching All this LOVE & says Priya She is soOo Cute!
Pihu asks Cady to Call Ram in very pleasant way! Ram in Car with Vikram ,takes Call where Pihu says “guess,who M I ?” Ram jokingly says maybe a Boy?! Pihu hurrily replies oouf oh! U dnt knw how to Guess too! I’m Pihu! So u woke up after ur Long Sleep? Ram Smiles Openly and says yes, while She asks when he’s coming to Meet her? She orders Ram to Come to her now and Ram happily agrees! While Vikram is happy with dis.

Ayesha in her Room trying her Best make Khush to Learn a Sad Line “after my sister will come, will u play and Love me then?” shiney mama watching dis. Khush repeates her line hesitatingly half and Ayesha gets Frustated ,blames him to have Weak memory!Angry

Rajat comes to Meet Priya asking her views about Ram’s Actions and consoles her dat He’s wid her ,for him a Mother’s luv is more imp. Than Dosti wid Ram. He asks if u agree Then we will Fire a case on Ram for marrying Ayesha illegaly and says Pihu wil’b wid u only. Priya denies, dat She dont want fi8s becoz nly Pihu wil’get affectd in dis hence she wants dis matter to resolve in home! Rajat asks if she dnt wana do anything! Against Ram! Priya says Yes!

Rajat wants to hire a lawyer for priya
Ram comes to Sharma House to meet Pihu
Pihu calls him Papa n Ram happy
Karthik unhappy that Ram is in their house
Neha tries to talk to Ram
Ram is still angry
Ram tells everyone in KM to leave the house if they think he is wrong
Rajat tells Priya that Ram n priya are still legally married
Priya says she only wants to fight for Pihu

PRECAP: Shipra asks Priya to go back where u have been in the last 5 yrs as Ayesha’s marriage might be indanger

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