Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 5th October 2012 Written Episode

-Its 22nd Sept and Mohan is getting Megs to do her exercise routine at night

-its 27th Sept -mohan feding Megs and she asks him if he will ever loose his patience with her and he says it can happen its natural but even if i do i will b back to doing the job in a few minutes .Megs says the fight aint easy and Mohan says nothing in life is easy and Megs asks him to never give up

-29th Sept- Ganesh Pooja and Saroj n Jiji discussing abt megs and Jiji says she will sumthing gud will happen this time arnd

All gathered in mohalla for Pujan and priest calls for Megs and Mohan brings her and the pujan starts and Megs spots a guy dislocating the spot light and tries to warn Mohan but he dusnt listen and Megs has FB’s of Mohan getting shot and their wedding n all and suddenly she manages to get up and pulls Mohan away saying sumone is trying to harm him and keeps asking Mohan if he is ok while all arnd are surprised n shocked

Mohan holds Megs hand and she realizes that she bk to her normal self and everyone thanks lord ganesha

-megs hugs NA and Mohan and Ved disclose the identity of the apparent killer and it happens to be Guru and they explain to Megs how it was the last resort as the doctor said shock treatment dus work at times and Megs is angry with Mohan for risking his life and he says he was sure she wud save him and Megs also upset with Guru for giving her a heart attackLOL and all start the poojan again

-Nanhi thanks the almighty for fulfilling all her wishes and bringing Mohan into their lives while the poojan is going on

-MM and co promote season 2 saying like the Ganpati festival comes back everyyear we too shall be back next year

And the voice over says who they wud fall in love and they show all the FB’s and that when the were in love they set an example and that the show must go on so we will bring to You the story of Mr and Mrs Bhatnagar

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