Punar Vivah 8th October 2012 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Outside the hospital
Yash collides with prashant and his wallet and prashant’s medicine bag fall on the floor.Before he could see,yash takes the wallet that has arti’s photo.

Scene 2:
Location: Yash’s house
Pari is putting on sindoor and remembering the producer’s words and drops the sindoor.She scared tells him that her dropping the sindoor is a sign of bad luck.Prashant comforts her saying that he will get her a new one and being so modern she should not believe in such old tales.He gets a phone and takes the call leaving pari wondering that he loves her so much,if only she could erase that one night of betrayal and is thinking how will prateik behave when he gets to know the truth.

Scene 3:
Location: Lalitpur
Prashant starts cribbing about the medicines breaking off and how his wife needs them urgently.Yash offers to get him a replacement.Once they reach the medical shop,the owner ridicules him for having taken free medicines and coming back for more.yash stops him from behaving like that,pays for both rounds of medicines gives the medicines and some spare cash to prashant n tells him to save his wife’s life.Prashant notes down yash’s no for returning the money and leaves.After he’s one yash is seraching around for arti wondering where to find her…

Scene 4:
Location: At the shoot venue
Pari is getting ready for her shoot when the producer comes up and extends a handshake but just then the director calls her for the shot snd she leaves saying that she’s ready ignoring him.He gets ridiculed looks from the ake up guys and is getting frustrated.he sees her giving a beautiful shot in the rain and then she whisks past him without reciognizing his presence.He follows her in the trailer van and once she’s alone,he gets inside and says that he cant live without her and ssays that her husband would never know about thir reltiona nd asks her to continue it.Snsing his intentions,she slaps him getting him all the more infuriated and he tries to force himself on her.She grabs a flower vase and hits his head with it.He falls down on the floor and loses consciousness.She gets afraid and flees the trailer.The spot boy who came to giv her tea is shocked when he sees him half dead inside the trailer.He calls out for pari but she keeps running non stop.

Scene 5:
Location: Yash’s house and lalitpur local tv station.
Vidhi and her husband are discussing the condition of payal and palak and their pain since arti left th house.Her husband blames arti for leaving th kids like this,vidhi defends her saying that yah’s behaviour forced her to do this.They decide to scold both of them when they return.

He calls up yash to find out about arti who tells him that he has not found her but he has a hunch that she’s here only and he has decided to give a message through the local tv channel so tht if arti sees it,she will return home.He also supports the idea and then telling yash to take care of himself,he goes on to tell this to yash’s father.

Scene 6:
Location: Hospital and lalitpur local tv station
arti regains consciousness but to take care of her fatigue she is again put back to sleep.Ansh is watching all of this and tells prashant about it who has just come.Prashant is looking expectantly at arti to open her eys.The doctor tells him that she’s fine but she has been given a sedative to take care and get her some rest.On ansh’s query about his mother,prashant tells him that she’s alright and is sleeping just to get more rest so that she’s alright when she wakes up next and hugs him.

Scene 7:
Location: arti’s house
Arti’s mother is telling her husband that arti would never return to prashant and would never evn let his shadow loom over her son,let alone touching her.she would never take him back in his life evn if she has no other option but to die.He reminds her that after all ansh is prashant’s son.She says prashant has no relation to arti and that ansh is yash’s son.Yash would soon find arti and ansh and tak them home.She says that when she talked to yash earlier in the day,she noticed a pain,restlessness and concern in his voice that never was and never will be in prashant’s.

Scene 8:
Location: Hospital and lalitpur local tv station
Prashant is hovering around arti’s bed restlessly.Ansh comes upto hima nd asks for his phone as he wants to call his father now that he has remembered his no.He gives the phone.Ansh is repeatedly trying the phone but is not getting through.Meanwhile when yash is getting ready for his broadcast message on tv,he gets a phone.he haults the shoot and picks it up hoping it to b arti’s but instead its a promotional offer.The crew tells him to switch off the phoen for the rest of the shoot.Ansh is trying but not getting through.When he informs prashant,he asks him howcome he’s not getting through.Ansh defends his father saying that he’s the best.Prashant remembers him calling ansh an illegitimate child in front of arti.The screen freezes on prashant’s troubled face.

Precap: Prashant sees yash’s message on the tv and recognizes him from the road earlier that day and concludes that he is arti’s second husband.

Cradit: Rimjhim

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