Pavitra Rishta 8th October 2012 Written Episode

Varsha gets on the train to Patna . The train leaves the station .Varsha is feeling very relieved that she left Mumbai .She starts thinking that coming to Mumbai could have been her biggest mistake but Bappa saved her . Now she knows for sure that her family hates her as much now as they did 18 years ago .She starts crying that her family never understood her desire to have a child . She thinks that so what if she did not give birth to Soham , she gave him life by raising him for 18 years and he thinks of her as his mother and now no one can take her son away from her .

Purvi is in the karanjkar house .Arjun calls her and she picks up the mobile .Arjun wants to know the update on Varsha and Soham .Purvi tells him that Varsha has told Archana that Soham died in the accident and slipped away from Varsha’s hands and drowned .purvi says that it was Archana’s dream to get Soham back one day and after what Varsha said , Archana is feeling devastated because her dream is shattered .Arjun says that it is very painful when someone you love just leaves you ..This was a point he had directed to Purvi and Purvi goes quiet when he says that . Arjun says that he can understand what Archana is going through because he too has felt this pain .Purvi avoids talking about this by saying that her Aaji is calling her and puts the phone down .Both Arjun and Purvi are looking very depressed as a sad song plays in the background as they think about their memories together .
Ovi gets juice for Arjun but he is reluctant to have it . Ovi tells Arjun what Varsha told about Soham . Arjun goes out of the room and there is a phone for him on his mobile .Ovi tells the caller that Arjun will call later .When she is about to put the phone off , she notices ( from the calling list ) that Arjun had called Purvi a little while ago …
Ovi looks worried .

The train gets to Darbanga next morning . Varsha gets off the train ..Unknown to her , after she gets off , Manav, Archana and Teju also come out of the train . It appears that they were following Varsha ClapClapClapClap .
Teju is confused as to what they are doing at Darbanga station .Manav tells her that they had decided to follow varsha and the reason was that the other day Varsha had told them that Soham had died , listening to this Archana had fainted .
The scenes goes i nthe falsh back when manav and Archana were i nthe car and Archana had just regained conscious and was crying after hearing of Soham ‘s death .
She was crying because her heart still felt that Soham was fine but Varsha was saying that he died .Manav tells Archana to listen to her heart and not to Varsha .Clap
Manav says that Varsha is lying , she was and is still crazy about Soham .If Soham had died then Varsha would have killed herself too and the fact that she is still alive is the biggest proof that Soham too is alive .He says that he knows varsha well enough to say that she is lying right now .
He says that her lies have made him more confident and now nothing can keep him away from his son …no more questioning Varsha now , all Manav wants is to take Action Thumbs Up…

This whole thing was DK and Manav’s plan . DK gets Manav , Archana and Teju to the train station .Varsha gets on the train to Patna .Archana remembers that even savita told them that Varsha ahd taken a ticket to Patna the day savita saw her .After Varsha gets on the train , manav and Archana also quietly go after her .Teju too wants to come as she wants to help finding Soham .
Manav calls Damodar at home and tells him everything . The train starts moving .The TC comes to check the ticket as Manav and his family had got on the train in a hurry , he pays for the ticket and the fine .
Varsha gets off the train at darbanga station . Manav and his family follow her .When she takes a rickshaw , they also take one and follow her .

In his village , Soham is looking around for Varsha and neighbours .Unable to find her anywhere , he comes back to his house .A very happy Varsha is waiting for Soham at home .She hugs him happily .He is confused because he had thought that she would be angry with him but she says that she is never going to leave him and hugs him again .
Balan also comes , he is angry at varsha because she never called him about her whereabouts . Soham tells Balan to go easy on Varsha as she is back and that is all he wants . When Soham goes i nthe house , Balan questions varsha again where she was .Varsha again lies that her train had stalled so she spend the night at Satana Station . Balan does not believes her at all and he tells her that he does not care of she dies also he only cares for his son who loves varsha so much .
Varsha thanks God for coming back to her Soham and now that Soham will never find out about his past .

An important political leader comes to visit Balan and Vishnu at their place .He tells Balan that his son is very special and that they want Vishnu to become the Political leader of the village . He appreciates Balan for giving Vishnu such a good upbringing .
Balan is extremely happy and even Vishnu cannot believe this . The leader wants to do this because of Visnhu’s popularity in the village . Balan and Vishnu immediately agree to this offer . Balan cannot believe his good luck that his son is going to be a ‘ bahubali’ of the village . Vishnu thanks Balan and Varsha for their blessings . Varsha is now worried that now Vishnu is getting himself into this new thing and prays to God for his safety .

Precap : Sulochna and Purvi are talking .Sulochna wants to know if Varsha knows that Archana is there in her village .Purvi says the she does not know and that is why Manav and Archana are safe but Manav has now informed the police and soon they will get to Soham .

Cradit: Tanyaz

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