Balika Vadhu 9th October 2012 Written Episode

As Shiv and Anandi have a moment Shiv gets a business phone call. The door rings and we see that it is Choti Maa with a bag in her hand, she asks where Shiv is and Anandi replies that he got a phone and went to a room to talk. Anandi asks how CM suddenly came back as they were off to Udaypur, Choti Maa said that she didn’t feel like it therefore came back. Choti Ma comes to the table and sees the food laid out. She asks if they were working, Anandi replies she came with food, CM states she left food in the fridge and Anandi states Shiv didn’t tell her to bring food and she didn’t know. CM states she is such a intelligent girl and didn’t expect her to come to the house in the night like this. She continues that she is the sarpanch and will people say about her coming over like this.

Shiv is shocked to see CM there and she replies that she couldn’t make herself leave, but she didn’t realise he would have had company. CM states its late and Shiv offers to drop Anandi off, but Anandi states she can manage but Shiv insists.

Shiv talking to Anandi that she was surprised seeing CM come back. Anandi seems comtemplative and Shiv asks what the matter is, she replies that she thinks CM didn’t like her bringing the food, but Shiv dismisses this saying CM would be happy in her absence someone is looking after her. Shiv states he is happy and not seeing CM, as he was thinking that every night they could have dinner together, this time was very special to him, and he feels like spending the day just with her with no interruptions. Anandi states that CM wouldn’t like it, he replies that means she doesn’t have a problem and not to worry about CM. He asks Anandi if she enjoyed spending time with him, he has given her good memories and dreams and now he wants to fulfil them, Anandi smiles and takes her leave.

Anandi is in school and gets a letter, its from Shiv thanking for the food and how he is awaiting their day together. Anandi asks why there are such less girls and she is told that the girls are ill, she tells the students to take care of themselves. Anandi thinks to speak to Shiv and Lal Singh about the illness

Some people are in the market selling rice/wheat and Jagat comes there. Jagat interjects here and states that he is giving such a low rate for the materials. The people ask for a better rate as they have worked hard and this rate is too low. Jagat again states that they have fixed the price and are robbing the workers of their hard earned money, the buyer gets angry that if they don’t want to buy then to go away. The worker gets angry at Jagat for his meddling, but Jagat asks for them to trust them and he will get them his money, he will get a buyer for them

The buyer challenges Jagat to see if he is able to get another buyer for the materials. Jagat asks for a the phone, he calls someone wanting to sell the materials and refers to himself as Bhairav’s son. Jagat ends up getting a better rate for the workers and they all agree to sell to him instead. He then asks the Dayal guy whether he too agrees to 1500 if not they will go elsewhere, the Dayal guy agrees to buy the materials. The workers then thank Jagat for the help he have given them.

Shiv is talking to Shiv in the office about the illness, they hear voices, people congratulating and doing Jai Jai of Jagat. Anandi is confused. Jagat asked to be out down and Anandi wonders what happened

VOICEOVER – when someone loses trust they go to all lengths to get it back, no matter what they face.

PRECAP – Jagat looks at the food and states he remembered how Anandi made those food and they are his favourite, he thought they would stop making it as it might remind them of him

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