Punar Vivah 10th October 2012 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: On the road.
Yash identifies the car and after confirming the no with the inspector,he runs behind

it and starts chasing to find a clue about arti.However he misses it and scrapes his

hand and is advised to go to a nearby hospital

Scene 2:
Location: In the hospital
Yash getting a dressing done right in the next room to arti’s but he cant see her.when

he is about to leave,arti gains conscious and calls out yash.this startles him and he

turns to see the nurse pulling the curtains.Therefore he dosnt see Arti there.After

gtting a call he gets talking and leaves the hospital.Meanwhile arti wakes up and finds

a nurse attending to her who tells her that her son is out with his dad.Arti is

pleasantly surprised that yash has finally found them.Just then ansh cmes in and after

asking about her health he tells her,on her query that she was brought here by a very

nice uncle just like his father.She is confused and wants to meet him,but the nurse

advises her against it saying tht it must have been her misunderstanding.She asks ansh

to get this person who helped them so much so that she’s able to say thank you.Ansh

goes out but prashant standing outside remembers calling him an illegitimate child and

thinks that he doesnt have the courage to face her right now.so he hides when ansh

comes out.

Scene 3:
Location: Yash’s house
Pari and vidhi are discussing that the hosue is very quiet ever since arti wnet along

with ansh.And that there is immense tension in the house.Juts then,buaji comes in

trying to talk,but when both of them ignore her,she fumes within herself that tall this

is happening to her due to arti and leaves.

When she is gone,Vidhi starts talking about how her husband has changed drastically

since this incident and that his whole routine has gone haywire.He hasnt even read the

newspaper since.Pari picks the newspaper and gives it to her,who accidentally drops it

and pari sees her producer’s murder’s headline on the front page saying that the killer

is absconding.She is shit scraed and snatches the paper from vidhi’s hands making an

excuse of it being yesterday’s paper and leaves in hurry leaving vidhi worrying what

happened to her all of a sudden.

Scene 4:
Location: In the hospital
After searching for prashant,ansh goes inside and tells her that he is not to be

found.The nurse too asks arti to come with her so that she can runsome tests and if

everything is alright she can be discharged.With great difficulty she walsk ou of her

room nd walks past prashant who is in tension seeing her like this.

Scene 5:
Location: Yash’s house
Pari runs inside her room and tears the newspaper to bits and is crying thinking about

what she had done and that how could she ever be able to explain this murder.She

wonders that one day the police would surely get to her.and when that happens,what would happen to her well established family and household.

Scene 6:
Location: Hospital
Prashant finds ansh busy playing.he comes upto him smiling.Ansh says that he has been looking for him as his mother wanted to meet him.But prashant says not o meeting her right now as she would be busy with her discharge papers.he tells ansh to tell his mother that if she wants to meet him,then he should come aftr getting discharged from the hospital,to the mandir behind the hospital.Ansh agrees.Prashant is about to leave when ansh calls him and gives him his friendship band from his hand as a sign of their eternal friendship,one that would never break ever.Prashant gets emotional at this gesture and hugs him.

Scene 7:
Location: Outside the hospital
Prashant finds yash sitting with pamphlets with arti and ansh’s details.he is surprised.Yash looks up and recognizes him and asks him about his wife.He says she is fine but his eyes are fixed on the pamphlet.Yash notices and tells him his sobstory about their’s being a remarriage and that arti left no stone unturned to make the relation work but he couldnt support her as a husband.Now that she’s gone,he regrets the treatment he meted out to her.Just then yash gets a call from prateik and gets busy talking whereas prashant is fidgeting around disturbed.When yash finishes the call he notices the wristband on prashant’ hand and recognizes it to be of the same pattern that ansh had.He shows prashant the photograph and asks if he has seen them anywhere.He also notices prashant trying to hide the band but he doesnt understand why.The screen freezes on yash’s puzzled face.

Precap: Arti and ansh reach the temple and in the puja area,ansh gets arti to confront prashant.arti is shocked and boggled to see him.

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