Bigg Boss Season 6 11th October 2012 Written Episode

Bigg Boss 6 begins with everyone waking up on the beats of the morning song. Navjot Singh Sidhu was given punishment where he had to do bhangra in the evening when all girls are in the house.

Delnaaz Irani warns Rajeev Paul, not to get back into their past. She says if he is doing it for the camera it would be fine, but he should not act such in front of her. Rajeev Paul is found sad later talking to God.

Sampat Pal amuses everyone with the incident where she beats a corrupt official for asking bribe for passport.

Aseem Trivedi tells everyone a story when Delnaaz starts crying a lot. Niketan tells Navjot Singh Sidhu how Dinesh Yadav reacts to things.

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