Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th October 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Peehu talking with a teddy bear, Happy, that Ram gave her saying always be happy. She says to Happy, I think you should go back to papa because he’s became unhappy from happy. Go and make him happy. Natz and Sudhir come there now. Sudhi says, you talk so much with Happy and so little with your nanu. He asks what were you saying to Happy? Peehu says, I was thinking to give this Happy to papa because he has became unhappy now. Sudhir says, plan is very good but papa is already happy. He asks, when papa sees you.. doesn’t he smile.. the happy one? Peehu says, yes but when he sees mumma.. Sudhir says.. so that’s the matter..then how about giving Happy to mumma? and what will you give me? Peehu now says, I won’t give Happy or Tiger (other toy) to anyone.

Priya now comes there and says, new house is ready. She asks Peehu to get ready. Natz takes Peehu to eat ice cream. Priya says to Peehu, you’re not listening to me at all after coming to Mumbai. Today is your last ice cream.. next will be after 10 days now. They leave. Priya tells her father, because all of yours love, Peehu has spoiled.. it will be hard for me to control her now. Sudhir asks, did Ram come here? Priya says, he came to meet Neha. Sudhir then asks, did his anger got less? Priya says, no.. he is still very angry and doesn’t want to see my face. Natz sends Peehu to the kitchen and is listening all this. Sudhir says, give him some time.. everything will be fine. Priya says, I know and that’s what I am doing. He can take as much as time he wants.. I just want him to be like before. She now says, tomorrow I’m going for Peehu’s admission in school and I have told him.. hopefully he comes. She says, I just want to take all decisions about Peehu with Ram so he doesn’t think that I kept him away. Sudhir asks, should I talk with Mr. Ram? Priya says, there is no need for that. I think he will come. She leaves now.

At Ram’s mansion. Aayesha is on the phone with her mum who gives her news about Ram going for Peehu’s admission with Priya. Aayesha tells that to Mamaji and she is very angry. She says, I am sure Ram will definitely go for Peehu and Peehu will join Khush’s school. Mamaji says, then you reach to the school before Ram. Aayesha says, great idea.. I will reach there before Ram and Priya and do something about it. Mamaji asks, and how will you wake up that early? Aayesha says, I will have to.. and Priya di is not letting me sleep these days anyhow.

Natz is sitting alone and lost in some thoughts. Sudhir sees her and asks if everything is fine. Natz says, I was thinking about what Peehu said. I mean, I am so upset seeing Ram bhai angry like this.. and she is a child. Bhai is not showing his feelings the right way.. I know he’s hurt but he’s covering his pain with anger and it’s not good for bhai.. n peehu as well. Sudhir says, we will have to give some time to Ram. He’s been living with pain for last 5 years.. he thought Priya is dead and now when he found out.. he’s very hurt. We will have to patient with him. He says, Priya is my daughter so I can forgive her easily.. but for Ram it’s very difficult. read full updates with pictures only at Natz says, I understand but I am afraid that Aayesha doesn’t take advantage of Ram’s anger. I know Ram won’t forgive her that easily.. and I am afraid that Ram-Priya will go very far from each other that in future we won’t be able to get rid off that. Sudhir says, don’t think too much.. they are Ram-Priya.. they are matured.. they are understanding.. I have full faith in them.. nothing like this will happen. Sudhir leaves. Natz says to herself, even I have faith in Ram-Priya but I don’t trust people that are around them. I am sure Aayesha will take full advantage of this and mumma (shipra) will support Aayesha. She has already taken her side.

Break 1..

Shipra is going somewhere and she meets Rajat outside their building. She says, you must have came to meet Priya. Rajat says, ya .. I should go in. Shipra now says, I get very happy when I see you two together.. I mean your friendship. You’re such a good friend of her. She was telling me how you stood with her in her difficult time. She continues, Priya is still going through bad time and I hope you will support her. Rajat says, I will always support her… whenever she needs me.. I will always be there. Shipra says, that’s what I wanted to hear from you.. now much of my tension is gone. She will only listen to you in this time. Rajat says, I can only support her.. I can’t interfere in her personal decision. Shipra says, you will have to.. I mean.. you will have to explain to her.. I am tired of explaining her that she should return to Dubai with Peehu. If she doesn’t go then Ram will take Peehu away from her. You know Ram’s power very well. Peehu is her life and if Ram takes her away then Priya won’t be able to live. Please take her away from here. Rajat asks, are you talking/worrying about Aayesha or Priya?

He continues, you don’t have to be insecure.. you are worried that what will happen to Aayesha, aren’t you? You and I both know that Priya is not the one who runs away.. she will do anything for Peehu. At this time, Priya needs support from her family.. she needs you. Shipra says, you won’t understand. I am a mother.. I think about both daughters happines.. I know Priya is strong.. she can fight alone.. she can live alone.. but Aayesha can’t. She needs Ram’s support. She is nothing without Ram. Neha comes there now and Shipra changes the topic.

Shipra says, Rajat came to pick up Priya and Peehu for school.. how sweet na. Neha says, yes.. but you’re late.. she left before an hour.

Break 2..

Ram and Peehu are in a school and talking with principal. She asks, your husband is not coming? Priya says, he is on the way. She then gives admission form to Priya and asks her to fill. She is then telling priya that Peehu is being admitted in middle of a school year so it will be little difficult. Ram arrives there now and says, I don’t think there should be any difficulties. Ram is feeling hot so he asks.. sorry to disturb.. but is there no AC here? Principal says, yes only one fan. Ram then asks so there are no Ac in classroom then how can students concentrate? Priya says, this is a school.. here students come to get please be quiet for some time.

Principal now says, I would like to ask some questions to Peehu.

Question 1: What is your name?
Peehu: Peehu Sharma.

Priya corrects her and says Peehu Kapoor.

Question 2: So tell me what day is today?
Peehu: Today is thursday, tomorrow friday then saturday and then my favorite day.. Sunday. Then again Monday.. in sad tone.

Ram and Priya smile. Principal says, you’re so intelligent. Ram says, she is my daughter. Priya says, ours.

Principal says, I will be very happy if Peehu studies in this school. She then says, I will give you admission checklist. Ram says, before that.. I will have a checklist too.. can we go through that first? Priya whispers to Ram, what are you saying? How can you ask such stuff to principal? Ram says, loudly, why not? As a parent, I would want to make sure that this school is proper for my child. I am sure principal wouldn’t mind answering few questions. Principal says, go ahead.

Ram says, so we already know that there is no Ac.. but I guess we will have to manage with fan. Now I would like to discuss about food. From where your food comes.. any details? Principal says, our canteen is very good.. we serve healthy food. Ram says, that’s good but I need to know more details.. if any problem comes with food then they ask so many questions. Priya asks, why do you need all these details? Peehu is not going to eat school’s food anyways.. I am going to give her house’s food so there is no question of infection.

Ram continues, I want to discuss about corridors now. When I was coming in.. I almost sleep twice as I was rushing. Now you know kids always run so I think you need to change your tiles.. and I need details about which tiles you use. Priya asks Ram to stop.. she says, what are you discussing? We are not making a house here that we need all these days.. we are here for Peehu’s school admission.. not in five-stars hotel. What we should be bothered about is education and which I know is very good. Ram asks how do you know? Priya says, because I studied here. Ram goes, aha.. you studied here that’s why you want Peehu to come here. Peehu just has expressions like uh oh what’s going on. Ram continues, you studied here and look at you.. Priya says, what’s wrong with me? You look at yourself.. you studied in high five bording school. Ram says, what’s wrong with me? Principal says, enough.. what’s going on? I don’t think we can admit children whose parents fight like this.

Priya says, we are really sorry.. we just had some disagreement. Please dont go on us. Look at Peehu, she is very bright.. I am sure you won’t have any Peehu’s complain. Principal says, first you two solve your issues.. I think you two need counseling.. ram goes.. excuse me? Principal says, kids will learn what they see and I don’t think it’s good for Peehu to see you two fighting like this. Priya says, we are sorry… and asks Ram to say sorry too. Ram says, sorry as well.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ram and Priya are still arguing outside school. Peehu asks Priya, please tell me when we will go back to Dubai. Priya asks, what happened? You said you like in Mumbai and that’s why mumma is doing your admission in school here. Peehu says, when papa was in Dubai.. he was golu uncle.. he was always laughing. But since he came to Mumbai, he always stays angry. I loved Dubai’s papa. Priya looks at Ram and he has nothing to say.

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